Airtel 1500 for 6GB Code 2023 | Weekly/Monthly & Eligibility

This post contains information about the Airtel 1500 for 6GB code.

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I believe you’ve heard about the new Airtel 6GB for 1500 data plan, and you’re here to learn how to subscribe and hop on it.

Yes, I guess you’ve been searching around on the internet for how to get 6GB for 1500 on Airtel.

If that’s right, then keep reading, for in this post is all you need to about Airtel 1500 for 6GB bundle.

Of course, from what it is and how to subscribe to it, to how long it last, and how to check the balance, I’ll explain literally everything you need to know about this data plan.

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About Airtel 6GB for 1500

Similar to the MTN 6GB for 1500, this data plan was introduced by the Airtel network to delight its customers with huge data volume for a cheap price.

This plan is popularly referred to as the Airtel Binge Plan, and it comprises three offers which 1500 for 6GB is just one of it.

Just like the Glo 1500 for 7GB, this data plan is available to be accessed by all Airtel customers irrespective of their tariff plan or SIM card age.

Since this ₦1500 is becoming something like a must for all the telecom network providers in the country, it isn’t surprising at all to see the Airtel network to hop on this trend.

Anyways, let’s see the Airtel 1500 for 6GB code, and how to get the data plan right away.

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Airtel 1500 for 6GB Code

You can get activate the Airtel 6GB for 1500 code by simply following the steps below.

  • Simply dial *312#
  • Select option 6 – Binge
  • Then, reply with 3 – N1500/6GB/7 Days.

Once done correctly, you’ll get a notification message from Airtel confirming you just subscribed to the Airtel data plan 1500 for 6GB, and have been credited with the data volume.

Alternatively, you can dial *440*161# to buy the 6GB for 1500 data plan on Airtel.

Airtel 1500 for 6GB Code

And that’s simply how to get 6GB for 1500 on Airtel. Now, let’s see how long this data plan last, how to be eligible, and how you can check your balance.

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How to be Eligible for Airtel 6GB for 1500

There are no technical eligibility requirements for the binge data plan on the Airtel network.

Although this plan may be available on the “My Offer” plan of some Airtel customers, it can still be accessed and subscribed to by all Airtel users.

All you need to do to get this data plan is have a working fully registered new or old Airtel SIM linked with NIN. And that’s it, you can proceed to subscribe to the Airtel data plan 1500 for 6GB.

However, keep in mind that you’ll get an error message if you don’t have enough Airtel to subscribe to this plan before dialing the subscription code.

Therefore, before you dial the Airtel 6GB for N1500 code, make sure you have at least ₦1,500 airtime balance on the main account of your Airtel line.

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Airtel 1500 for 6GB Duration

The Airtel 1500 for 6GB is a weekly data plan. That means it is available for use within a time period of seven days. In other words, we can call this plan the Airtel 6GB for 1500 weekly plan.

Keep in mind that after the seventh day, you’ll no longer have access to this data plan again, unless you renew your subscription for the plan.

So, ensure you try by all means to finish the data volume before or on the seventh day, or else, it will be swept off by the network.

How to Check Airtel 6GB for 1500 Data Balance

You can check your Airtel data plan 1500 for 6GB balance by simply dialing *310#, and your Binge data plan balance will be sent to your Airtel line via SMS.

Airtel 6GB for 1500 – FAQs

How can I get 6GB for 1500 on Airtel?

You can get 6GB for 1500 on Airtel by simply dialing *312# > Select 6 ‘Binge’ > Then, Select 3 – N1500/6GB/7days.

What is the code for Airtel 1500 for 6GB data plan?

The code for Airtel 6GB for 1500 is *440*161#, and you’ll get 6GB worth of data at a cheap price of ₦1500

Is Airtel 6GB for 1500 data still available?

Yes, the Airtel 6GB for N1500 data plan is still available on the Airtel network and it can be subscribed to by dialing *440*161#.

Who is eligible for Airtel 1500 for 6GB?

All Airtel customers with a registered SIM card and at least ₦1500 airtime balance on their line.

How long does Airtel 1500 for 6GB last?

It’s obvious that this plan last for just 7 days, that’s why it is referred to as the Airtel 6GB for 1500 weekly plan, and not Airtel 6GB for 1500 monthly plan.


Airtel network without a doubt is one of the best telecom networks in Nigeria with the most competitive data bundle prices just like the one in this post.

Anyways, by now, I believe how to get 6GB for 1500 on Airtel shouldn’t be a problem anymore, for I have provided you with the Airtel 1500 for 6GB code in this post.


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