Airtel 20 Naira Data Plan | N20 for 75MB Data Bundle 2023

This post contains information about the Airtel 20 Naira data plan.

Do you know that the Airtel network is currently the only network in Nigeria offering a 20 Naira data plan?

That’s mind-blowing, right?

But it’s absolutely real. Now on Airtel, with just ₦20, you can get even more than the data volume you’ll get when you subscribe to some ₦50 plan on other networks.

I guess you won’t believe it until you find out by yourself. So, just keep scrolling down slowly to find out about the data plan.

Because in this post, you’ll see the Airtel 20 Naira data plan, how much data you’ll get, how to be eligible, and how to activate the code.

Without further ado, let’s get started!


About The Airtel 20 Naira Data Plan

The Airtel 20 Naira data plan is a new data bundle on the Airtel network that gives you 75MB for just ₦25.

Sounds untrue, right?

Sincerely speaking, this also sounds like a joke to me the first time I heard about the plan. This is because the cheapest data plan I have ever seen in Nigeria is the Glo N25 for 20MB.

But after trying the Airtel 20 Naira for 75MB code, I was surprised to see that the data plan is truly available for purchase.

What baffled me the most is that this data plan is not a night plan, not social plan, and it works on all devices. Plus, you can also use it to download anything, and also watch videos online.

If you’re yet to believe, let me show you the code for Airtel 20 Naira data plan so that you can see for yourself, and probably subscribe to the plan.

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Airtel 20 Naira for 75MB Code

*312*242# is the code for Airtel 20 Naira data plan, and Airtel 20 Naira for 75MB to be precise.

After dialing this code, select the option for “75MB for N20”, then proceed to subscribe to the plan.

Airtel 20 Naira Data Plan

Once done correctly, N20 will be deducted from your Airtel line, and you’ll receive 75MB instantly to be used for all data activities. Just make sure you have a sufficient airtime balance of at least ₦20 to activate the plan.

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How to Activate The Airtel 20 Naira Data Plan

Below is a step-by-step procedure on how to activate Airtel 20 Naira data plan in a simpler way.

  • Open the dialer app on your phone
  • Then, dial *312*242#
  • Reply with 1 – 75MB for N20
  • Then, proceed to activate the data plan.

And that’s all, once the airtime balance on your Airtel line main account is sufficient for the transaction, you’ll instantly receive 75MB worth of data for just ₦20.

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How to Be Eligible for Airtel 20 Naira Data Bundle

Since uncommon data plans like this do come with lots of qualification criteria, I believe you might be wondering what are the requirements for this data plan.

The good news is that the Airtel network has made this data plan available to be enjoyed by all of its customers.

Therefore, the Airtel N20 data plan doesn’t need to switch tariff plans or buy a new Airtel SIM card to access this data plan, as the plan is not tariff-based like the night data plan on Airtel.

More so, it doesn’t matter whether you’re using a 2G, 3G, or 4G SIM card, you can always access this plan anywhere in Nigeria as long as you have a working Airtel SIM card.

The only thing you must make sure you do is to have a sufficient airtime balance of at least N20 in the main account balance of your Airtel line, and you’re good to go.

Airtel 20 Naira Data Plan Duration

This is where the total surprise comes in. If you take a look at all the small and mini data plans on all telecom networks in Nigeria, you will notice they have one thing in common. They are all daily plans.

However, it is a different case for the Airtel 20 Naira data plan, as this plan is a weekly data plan that lasts for a surprising period of 7 days.

That’s cool, right?

That means you have the whole time in the world to use the data plan anyhow you like.

How to Check The 20 Naira Airtel Data Plan Balance

Plans like this 20 Naira data plan on Airtel do get people scared, so immediately after subscribing to the data plan, you would want to check your balance if truly you were credited with the bundle.

To check your Airtel 20 Naira for 75MB data balance, all you need to do is to just dial *310#, and you’ll receive an SMS containing the data balance you have left, including the expiry date of your bundle.


With this new data plan being the cheapest on the Airtel network right now, I would really advise you to jump on it while it still lasts, because data plans like this may not last forever.

I believe this post about the Airtel 20 Naira data plan code has really helped you in activating the Airtel 20 Naira for 75MB data plan.

Peace Out!

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