Airtel 200 for 4GB Code & Eligibility 2023

Hey Friend! Are you a heavy data user who can use up 4GB data volume in a day, but looking for where and how to buy this data bundle for cheap?

Or maybe you want to download an interesting movie and don’t have much money to spend on N3000 for 3GB data?

Then, getting a cheap data bundle like the Airtel 200 for 4GB would be what will really favour you as it is cheap and affordable.

If you’ve been hearing about this data plan for a while now, but don’t know if it is real, or you’re wondering how to activate the bundle that gives 4GB for 200 on Airtel, then keep reading as I’ll show you everything you need to know about the plan.

Yes, everything! Even more, I’ll also show you some alternative plans for the Airtel 200 for 4GB data plan, and how to get them activated.

Without wasting time, let’s get started!

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About Airtel 200 for 4GB

The Airtel 200 for 4GB data plan was an extremely cheap data plan launched a few years ago to delight Airtel customers with 4 Gigabytes browsing data volume for a cheap price of 200 Naira.

This data plan was introduced and made available for Airtel airtel customers to enjoy for all data activities including internet browsing, downloading, streaming social media surfing, and lots more.

The plan can be activated on all data enabled devices such as Android, iPhone, Symbian Phone, Modem, etc.

While this data plan has all these features, the only downside is that the bundle has been discontinued, and is no longer available on the Airtel network.

Although, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get cheap data plans which you can use in replacing the Airtel 200 for 4GB data bundle to do your downloading or use the way you like.

Let’s see some.

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How to Activate Airtel 200 for 4GB Code

Like I said earlier, *143*PIN# is the code for Airtel 200 for 4GB data plan. However, has been discontinued and is no longer available and not accessible by any Airtel customer anymore.

But, there are some cheap data plans that were launched after the discontinuation of the Airtel data plan 200 for 4GB subscription. Check them out below.

Airtel 200 for 1GB Data Plan Code

Airtel 100 for 500MB Data Plan Code

Airtel 20 Naira Data Plan Code

Airtel 50 Naira for 250MB Code

These data packages are cheap and are currently available (with proof) on the Airtel network.

How to Be Eligible for Airtel 200 for 4GB Data Plan

While the plan was still available on the Airtel network, it was enjoyable for all customers regardless of their SIM age.

That means both new and old Airtel customers were able to enjoy this data plan during its reign.

One mandatory eligibility requirement that comes with the Airtel 4GB for 200 Naira data bundle was that you must buy a recharge card to activate the plan.

That simply means you can’t buy airtime from your bank or recharge your line via VTU to activate this plan.

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How to Check Balance

You can check the Airtel 200 Naira for 4GB data balance by simply dialing *310#, and the data volume you have left will be sent to you by the Airtel network via SMS.

You can also dial *223# to check the Airtel data plan 200 for 4GB balance on your phone.

Airtel 4GB for 200 – FAQs

How can I get Airtel 4GB for N200?

I would have loved to give you the working code, but you can no longer get 4GB for N200 on Airtel. This is because the plan has been discontinued.

What is the name of the Airtel 200 for 4GB?

In the early age of the plan, it was called the Airtel 200 for 4GB 2019, then as time goes by, we have the Airtel 200 for 4GB 2020, Airtel 200 for 4GB 2021, and so on.

Is Airtel 200 for 4GB code still working?

No, this plan has been discontinued and is no longer available on the Airtel network. Although there are some better ones that are still available.

What is the Airtel 200 for 4GB cheat code?

The cheat code for Airtel 200 for 4GB data plan was to recharge your line with *143*PIN#.


With this simple guide, whether you’re searching for the Airtel 200 for 4GB 2021, or looking for the Airtel 200 for 4GB 2022, I believe you’ve gotten the answers you seek.

Please, do not hesitate in dropping a comment below if you still have questions concerning this topic.

Peace Out!

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