Airtel 2GB for 200 Code for 10 Days 2023 [UPDATED]

Getting a huge data volume for an extremely cheap price is what delights every heavy data user, especially when you want to download lotta stuff.

Well, Airtel has once again made browsing data even cheaper for its customers by launching the data package that gives you 2 Gigabyte data volumes for just 200 Naira.

If that’s what you’re looking for, just keep reading as I’ll show you the exact Airtel 2GB for 200 code, how to activate it, and how to be eligible.

After showing you how to subscribe for Airtel 200 for 2GB, you’ll also see how to check your data balance, and how long the plan lasts.

That sounds great, right? Then, let’s make it greater by digging deep into the post.

About Airtel 2GB for 200 Naira

The Airtel data plan 200 for 2GB is an exclusive data plan that gives you 2 Gigabytes browsing data for just 200 Naira.


This data package is called the Airtel 2G PACK PLAN, and it comes alongside the 6GB for N500, and they both work only on the 2G network.

Although this plan works on all data-enabled devices, if you don’t have a phone that supports the 2G network, this data will not work even if you subscribe to it.

Of course, no VPN, and no need for tunneling to activate this data bundle as it is approved and available legally on the Airtel network data packages.

Now, let’s see the code for Airtel 2GB for 200 data plan, and how to activate it.

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How to Activate Airtel 2GB for 200 Code

To activate the Airtel 2GB for 200 data plan, make you have N200 pre-loaded on your line, then dial *482#, and select option 1 to activate the data plan.

Airtel 2GB for 200

Keep in mind that this plan only works on the 2G network, and if you don’t have a sufficient airtime balance on your line, you’ll get an error message after dialing the code to subscribe.

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How to Be Eligible for Airtel 200 for 2GB

The Airtel 200 for 2GB bundle is a plan that is openly available for all Airtel users. However, it is not enjoyable for all Airtel users.

This simply means that after dialing the Airtel code for 2GB for 200 Naira, you may see the data plan available, but if you don’t have a 2G enabled device, you cannot enjoy your subscription after purchasing the bundle.

Therefore, the only way to be eligible for the Airtel data plan 200 for 2GB bundle is to make sure your phone supports 2G network.

Apart from that, nothing else. Just make sure you have at least N200 on the main balance of your Airtel line, and regardless of whether you’re a new or old Airtel customer, you’ll get the plan activated after dialing the code.

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Airtel 200 Naira for 2GB Validity Period

Although many people call this plan the Airtel 200 for 2GB for 7 days plan, it’s more than that.

The MTN 2GB for 200 Naira data plan is a weekly subscription that lasts for a 10 days period. Therefore, we can call it the Airtel 2GB for 200 weekly plan.

That means you have a period of 10 days to exhaust your data after subscription, or else the data remaining will be taken back by the network.

So,  if you’re seeking a newer for how long does the Airtel N200 for 2GB data plan last, there you have your answer above.

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How to Check Airtel 2GB for 200 Naira Data Balance

Checking your data balance for cheap plans like this one is what a lot of people tend to do often to ensure that they received the data volume, and also keep track of how they use it.

To check the Airtel 200 Naira for 2GB balance, just navigate to the dialer app on your phone and dial *310#, and the data volume you have left will be sent to you via SMS.

This will also contain information about the validity period left for the bundle.

Airtel Data Plan 200 for 2GB – FAQs

What is the code for Airtel 2GB for 200?

The code for Airtel 2GB for 200 Naira is *482#, then reply with the option for the N200 data package.

How can I get 2GB for 200 on Airtel?

You can get 2GB for 200 on Airtel by loading 200 Naira airtime on your line, then dialing *482# to active the Airtel 2G PACK PLAN which works only on the 2G network.

Which Airtel plan gives 2GB for 200 Naira?

The Airtel 2GB PACK PLAN is the Plan that offers this amazing Airtel data plan 200 for 2GB bundle.

Is Airtel 200 for 2GB still working?

Yes, the Airtel data plan 200 for 2GB is still working on the Airtel network. However, this plan is a 2G plan that only works on the 2G network.

What is the Airtel cheat code 200 for 2GB? 

The cheat code for Airtel 200 for 2GB is *482#, and the plan will be activated if you have a sufficient airtime balance.


With this simple guide, I believe how to get 2GB for 200 Naira on Airtel shouldn’t be a problem anymore as I’ve shown you everything you need to know about the plan.

Do you still have questions concerning this topic? Then, feel free to drop them down in the comment box below, I’ll be glad to help.

Peace Out!

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