Airtel CUG Plan Migration Code 2023

I guess you’ve been hearing about the Airtel CUG plan that gives free calls of up to 40 minutes for just N100, and you’re curious to know the Airtel CUG Plan migration code?!

Just continue reading for you’re on the right page where I’ll walk you through what Airtel CUG plan is, how it works, Airtel CUG plan migration code, how to get a CUG SIM card, and lots more.

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What is Airtel CUG Plan?

Airtel CUG Plan which means Close User Group is an Airtel monthly subscription plan which allows companies, organizations, or a group of people to make calls at no charge.

CUG subscription costs N700 per month. That means you must pay 700 naira to gain access to the Airtel CUG plan which only lasts for 30 days.


Despite not being popular, small companies and organizations have started enjoying this plan. 

However, Airtel Nigeria has been trying their possible best to get the plan out there so that it can reach hundreds if not thousands of companies, and organizations throughout the country.

And that’s why they introduced the Polcom CUG which is meant for Nigerian Police as a fast and easy communication means among Police officers.

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Airtel CUG Plan Migration Code

There are two ways of migrating to the Airtel CUG plan.

But let’s start with the easy one.

Simply dial *276*200# to migrate and subscribe to Airtel CUG (RCCG) monthly package. It costs N700 only.

Airtel CUG code

That is the then Airtel CUG code. However, if that Airtel CUG plan migration code doesn’t work, try this second method.

But wait! With this alternative method, you’ll need to get a new CUG SIM.

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How do You Get a CUG SIM

Follow the steps below to get a new Airtel CUG SIM 

  • Visit the nearest Airtel Service Center (Airtel Office) near you.
  • On getting there, request for a New SIM Registration (with CUG package as default).
  • Then register and activate your new CUG SIM.
  • Once your SIM is being issued to you, dial *121*2*5# to confirm that you’re on the CUG plan.
  • After that, recharge your line with as low as N100 and start enjoying the bonus on every recharge.
  • Done! You can now start using your CUG SIM.

I think the first method is easy right? 

But it might not work on some SIMs (especially old ones). So, you’ll need to follow the long but most secure procedures to get your CUG SIM before you can subscribe to the CUG plan.

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Benefits of Airtel CUG Plan

Below are some benefits of the new Airtel CUG plan for those who care and want to know more about this plan:

  1. Long hours call for low costs on the CUG RCCG plan. See examples below; 
  • 40 Minutes call for N100 only.
  • 80 Minutes call for N200 only.
  • 120 minutes call for N300 only.
  1. You and Me call benefits.
  2. Free bonuses on every recharge.
  3. The Close User Group (CUG) monthly subscription for N700 only.
  4. Fast means of communication within an organization.

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How to Activate Airtel RCCG Plan

You can activate the Airtel RCCG plan by dialing *276*200#. It costs just N700 monthly.

If the USSD code didn’t work, you call to visit the nearby Airtel office to make inquiries about the Airtel RCCG SIM.

How to Recharge Airtel CUG SIM

One common question about the Airtel CUG line and RCCG plan especially with new users is how to recharge their line. Thankfully, I got the perfect answer for you right below.

Simply dial *126*Recharge Card PIN#. For example, say I want to recharge N100 where the PIN is 1010-2222-4545-2030 to my CUG line, here’s how I’ll do it *126*1010222245452030# and send/call.

Boom! You’ve successfully recharged your Airtel CUG line.

Yes! You’re smart! Just as you recharge your normal prepaid Airtel line.

Alternatively, you can also use the code below.

  • *126*1*Recharge card PIN#

Frequently Asked Questions About Airtel CUG Plan

How does Airtel CUG plan works? 

Airtel CUG plan works in a way that two or more people in an organization can communicate with each other at no charge as long as they are using CUG SIM or on CUG plan.

I guess you know an office telephone (Landline telephone)

Yes! That one banker use to communicate with each other. 

I guess you know how it works.

Yes! It’s similar to how the CUG plan works.

Is CUG RCCG plan?

Airtel RCCG plan is a sub-plan under the CUG plan. It is a plan you subscribe to for communication within a small private organization after you get your CUG SIM.

On the RCCG plan, you’ll gain unlimited access to make 40minutes calls for N100 on every recharge of at least N100.


Similar to the RCCG plan, the Airtel POLCOM plan is also a sub-plan under the CUG plan. It is a plan Nigerian Police subscribe to for easy, fast, and free communication between two or more police officers.

How do I migrate to Airtel POLCOM plan?

Simply dial *276*200# to migrate and activate the Airtel POLCOM plan.

How to check CUG Plan Balance?

Navigate to the dialer app on your mobile device and dial *310# to check your CUG airtime balance.

How to get RCCG Bonus?

After recharging your CUG line, just dial *234*amount# to get the free bonus on RCCG plan.

Code for Airtel CUG Subscription

Simply dial *276*200# to subscribe to Airtel CUG (RCCG) monthly package. It costs N700 only.

Airtel Cug 700 code

Insert your new CUG SIM in your phone and dial *276*200# subscribe to Airtel CUG N700 monthly plan.

Airtel CUG code for 500

Unfortunately, Airtel currently does not have the 500 Naira CUG plan subscription option. N700 monthly is the only option on the Airtel CUG plan.

How to check my CUG plan subscription expiry date/day?

Once you’re on any CUG subscription plan, just dial *221*1# to check the day your subscription will expire.


With just a N700 monthly fee, the Airtel CUG plan is definitely what your company or group needs right now to cut calls costs.

Just go get a CUG SIM and forget about the issue or talks like “My airtime got exhausted while talking to one of our loyal customers”.

I believe that the problem of getting or migrating to CUG plan should now be easy if you read through this post carefully.

This article is a comprehensive guide about the Airtel CUG plan migration code.

I hope you enjoyed it?!

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  1. I’ve been using my CUG line for more than a year now. Everything was working normal until recently when it started behaving in a very disgusting manner. My subscription expired, I recharged, then the airtime disappeared with my line NOT being subscribed. I recharged and subscribed again two days ago, now I’m being told to recharge again because I don’t have sufficient airtime. What could be more embarrassing like this for God’s sake

  2. I am using my CUG normally without any problem last time but now I have received the Message like this:

    (Your line is not eligible for CUG. Please proceed to the nearest Airtel shop or call our Call Centre on 111. Airtel)

    I visited the Airtel Shop but they did not do anything to me up to now.

    How can I do now to recoy my CUG line ????????????

  3. Please I recharge and subscribe for C. U. G and it showed successfully but I wasn’t able to make call. How can I reach the customer care? Can someone help me out

  4. I have subscribed my CUG line with 700 but if I call another CUG line they deducted from my account, i dont know why, please ini your assistance.

  5. 1.When yhu cal ur partner and airtel is deducting ur airtime, pls ensure that ur partner sim is also subscribe.
    2.and for those that canot subscribe again that means you have migrate to another plan and only airtel staff can make u through otherwise u need new cug pack.


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