Airtel Free Night Data Code 2023 | UNLIMITED Midnight Browsing

Do you want to get Airtel night data for FREE? I guess Yes! Because nobody wey no want Awoof.

Have you been hearing people saying they are browsing for free on Airtel at midnight? And now, you want to see how they do it?

Then, I’m glad to inform you that you’re on the right page where I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the Airtel free night data code.

Not only that, but I will also show you how to activate it, how to use it, how long it lasts, and lots more.

Are you ready to find out more about it? Then, let’s get started!

About Airtel Free Night Data

Airtel network won’t stop getting its customers amazed with the regular launch of beneficial data bundles, both as bonuses and regular data.


And that is what brings to this free night data on the network. First of all, Airtel free night browsing is categorized into two. One as free YouTube night data, and the second as cheap night data plans.

Yes, unlike Glo free night browsing, the Airtel network’s night browsing is not totally free, as it is just a small amount for huge data bundles. For example, with just N25, you can get 500MB data volume. 

That’s cheap, right?

You see it’s almost free.

However, Airtel still has a free night data bonus, but it can only be used to stream YouTube videos only at midnight. It is called Youtube Night.

For which everyone you’d prefer, let’s discuss more about them.

Check Out The Airtel YouTube Night Data Code & Time

How to Get Airtel Free Night Data

As said above, there are two types of Airtel night data, and so there are different ways of getting them.

The only similarity between the both is that you’ll need to be migrated to the actual Airtel tariff plan that offers those features.

I have also curated posts that explain in details everything you need to know about the Airtel free night plans respectively.

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How to Activate Airtel Free Night Browsing

Since both Airtel night data plans are tariff-based, let’s discuss how you can get free YouTube night data on Airtel. 

You can get a free YouTube night data bonus on Airtel by migrating to Airtel SmartConnect tariff plan.

Yes, Airtel SmartConnect is the only Airtel tariff plan that gives a free YouTube night data bonus whenever you purchased a data bundle. It is quite similar to the Glo free night browsing, the only difference is that the one on Glo can be used on all of the internet features from social media to web surfing, and even to YouTube streaming. But the one on Airtel can only be used to watch videos on YouTube only.

Hope you haven’t forgotten that you’ll need to migrate to Airtel SmartConnect before you can start enjoying this offer.

Check out more on how to migrate to Airtel SmartConnect here!

And if you’re already subscribed to Airtel SmartConnect, you can just recharge your line and buy a data plan, then you’ll get a free YouTube night data bonus.

Please keep in mind that the Airtel YouTube night plan is different from the free YouTube bonus Airtel gives you.

Some people get this twisted, and if you’re among those people, please keep in mind that they are two different things.

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How to Use Airtel Free Night Browsing

There are many other questions that come with how to use Airtel free night browsing. One of them is What time does Airtel free night browsing starts, and another is how long does it last.

Well, before I can answer those questions, let’s first discuss how to use Airtel free night data.

Even as there are two different types of night data on the Airtel network, using them is quite similar.

You can use the Airtel free night browsing by making sure you are already allocated the data volume. Once that is confirmed, make sure you’re awake till 12 am at midnight, then turn on your data connection and start using the free Airtel night data to watch YouTube only.

But if it’s for the purchased one, you can use that one to browse and do all other things that regular data could do.

What time is Airtel Free Night Browsing?

Airtel YouTube free night browsing starts at 12 am and ends at 5 am. This simply means it lasts just 5 hours.


Airtel network is, without a doubt, one of the best network operators in Nigeria. And when it comes to free data bonuses, lots of Airtel tariff plans always take the lead.

I believe by now, you should have known how to use Airtel free night data, and how to activate it irrespective of the one that you’re looking to go for.

I hope this post is helpful?

Please feel free to drop any questions you have concerning this post in the comment section below. 

Peace Out!……… 

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