Airtel Freedom Plan Migration Code | Call Rate, Bonus & Benefits 2023

This post contains information about the Airtel Freedom Plan Migration Code.

With the Airtel Freedom Plan, the freedom to talk endlessly with friends, family, and all loved ones is back again on the Airtel network.

If you’re a type that makes calls a lot, or your Airtel SIM is not in a data-enabled phone, you’re really missing out if you’re not yet subscribed to the Freedom Plan on Airtel.

We all know that making calls on Airtel can cost you up to 66kobo/sec on some tariff plan where you’ll just waste your money on just a few minutes of calls, and your airtime is exhausted.

That’s very annoying, especially if you’re a student that just wants to hear from Mom and Dad, or your siblings, and maybe your bae or boo.

But now, there’s a way out. Yes, a means where you’ll be able to enjoy calls to all local networks at a very cheap rate of 12kobo/sec. Yes, no jokes, a tariff plan on Airtel gives you that freedom.

To start enjoying that freedom, all you just need to do is slowly scroll down this page until you find the Airtel Freedom Plan migration code, its benefits, call rates, and some other questions related to this awesome tariff plan.


What is Airtel Freedom Plan?

The Airtel Freedom Plan is an exclusive prepaid tariff plan introduced by the Airtel network to offer its customers a cheap call rate, affordable SMS rate, and also some beneficial Airtel services.

On this plan, customers can enjoy calls to all local networks in Nigeria at an extremely cheap rate of 12kobo/sec without any daily access fee, send text messages at N4/SMS, and also calls some international destinations at an affordable rate.

This tariff plan is specially designed to make frequent call makers on the Airtel network and/or customers without a data-enabled phone enjoy their relationship with the network.

However, if you’re like me that don’t make lots of calls, you’d better migrate to Airtel Smart Trybe, or activate the Airtel Smart Connect migration code to start enjoying FREE and unlimited data bonuses both day and night.

The Airtel Freedom Plan is available to be accessed by all prepaid customers both old and new on the Airtel network. It is also free to join.

Now, let’s see the Airtel Freedom Plan code and how to activate it in two easy ways.

Airtel Freedom Plan Migration Code

To migrate to the Airtel Freedom Plan tariff, simply dial *152#, a pop-up window will appear on your screen, reply with the option to migrate, and click ok.

Once done correctly, you’ll be migrated from your current tariff plan to the Freedom Plan on Airtel where you can start enjoying calls at 12k/s right from the first second.

Please keep in mind that the first migration of the month to the Airtel Freedom Plan is free. However, subsequent migration comes with an N100 migration fee.

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How to Migrate to Airtel Freedom Plan

Below is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide on how to migrate to the Airtel Freedom Plan fast.

  • Simply dial *121#
  • Select the option for “Billing & Tariff”
  • Select the option 3 – Freedom Plan @ 12k/sec.
  • Finally, reply with 1 – To Activate.

That’s it, if you will like taking the long route in activating the Airtel Freedom Plan migration code, there you have all the steps.

Once done correctly, you’ll be instantly migrated from your current Airtel tariff plan to the Airtel Freedom Plan for free.

Airtel Freedom Plan Call Rate

If you’ve been gradually following right from the beginning of this post, you’ll notice I’ve mentioned 12kobo per second multiple times.

Yes, the Airtel Freedom Plan call rate is 12kobo/sec right from the first second of your call. No access or daily rental fee will be charged.

Now, how long would N100 airtime last for calls on this plan?


  • 0.12 × 60 seconds = N7.2k
  • Therefore, with N100 airtime, you’ll get >> N100/N7.2 ≈ 13 minutes 53 seconds.

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Airtel Freedom Plan Benefits

One major reason why you would like to switch to the Freedom Plan is definitely because of its benefits over your current or other tariff plans.

Now, what are the benefits of the Airtel Freedom Plan?

  • Airtel Freedom Plan offers an extremely flat call rate of 12kobo/sec.
  • You’ll be charged 12kobo/sec right from the first second of every call
  • No daily access or rental fee is required before the 12kobo/sec charge.
  • You can call all local networks in Nigeria.
  • The tariff plan offers an affordable SMS rate of N4 per message sent.

Airtel Freedom Plan Bonus

This plan doesn’t offer any bonus whatsoever ever. That simply means, you won’t get a bonus when you recharge your line, you won’t get a bonus when you buy data bundles and no monthly data bonus on this plan.

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Airtel Freedom Tariff Plan – FAQs

Does Airtel Freedom Plan give bonus?

No, Airtel Freedom Plan does not give any bonus want so ever.

How can I migrate from Airtel Freedom Plan to Smart Connect?

You can migrate from Airtel Freedom Plan to Smart Connect by dialing *152#.

How can I activate Airtel Freedom Plan?

To activate the Freedom Plan on Airtel, simply dial *121# > Select option 5 > Select option 3 > Now, Select option 1 to activate the tariff plan.


With a wide range of tariff plans that offer both data and airtime benefits, the Airtel Freedom Plan is without doubt an amazing one to subscribe to.

I believe by now, how to migrate to Airtel Freedom Plan shouldn’t be difficult anymore, for I have shown you the exact Airtel Freedom Plan migration code in this post, and how to activate the Airtel freedom plan code in two fast and easy ways.

Do you still have questions concerning this topic? Then, feel free to ask in the comment section below.


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