Airtel Weekend Plan Code for 2GB & 1GB N200

This post is all about the Airtel Weekend Plan.

Hey, it’s weekend, would you like to browse the web, download interesting movies, watch YouTube videos, listens to music on AudioMack or Boomplay, and also scroll through social media watching TikTok videos, view IG reels and stories, and also chat with friends on messenger and WhatsApp at an offensively cheap rate?

Then Airtel got you covered. With the new weekend plan on Airtel, you can enjoy unlimited access to the internet every weekend. So, with this plan, no more boring weekends.

As we all know, many people are always indoors on weekends without having anything to do. And sometimes, the cost of data may make them just keep their phones aside or even play some offline games while other people are catching cruise on Facebook and Instagram.

This is quite bad!

However, from today, I want you to say bye-bye to boring weekends, that’s why I bring before you the Airtel weekend plan.

O yes, in this post, I’ll show you exactly how to buy Weekend plan on Airtel, how to activate it, and how to use the Airtel Weekend data plan.


Without further ado, let’s get started!

About Airtel Weekend Plan

Airtel weekend plan is a type of data plan recently introduced by the Airtel network to delight its customers on weekends. This plan works in a way that when subscribed to, it is only active on weekends.

That simply means after successfully subscribing to the weekend data plan on Airtel, you can only make use of it on weekends.

The validity period of this exclusive plan starts at 12:00 am Saturday at midnight, and ends at 11:59 pm on Sunday evening. Therefore, you have approximately 48 hours to access the internet, download, video calls, chat, etc with your subscribed data.

Please keep in mind that this plan will not work outside the time frame of its validity.

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How to Buy Weekend Plan on Airtel

One of the easiest things about the Airtel Weekend plan is how to buy it. Although some people find it difficult.

At the moment, Airtel offers two major weekend data plans, and these include;

Airtel Weekend Plan 200

The Airtel weekend data plan 200 offers 200MB worth of data. It can be used within the validity period of 48 hours. i.e Saturday and Sunday.

To subscribe to this plan, simply dial *472#. Make sure you have sufficient airtime on your main balance before you dial the subscription code.

Note that you cannot use bonus airtime to buy this plan.

Airtel Weekend Plan 500

This Airtel weekend plan offers 500MB for the same validity period mentioned above (Saturday and Sunday).

You can subscribe to this plan by simply dialing *473# on an active Airtel line with sufficient airtime balance.

If you have lots of movies to download, or you have a lot of things to do on the internet, or you want to spend more time scrolling through TikTok, I’d say you should go with this plan over the 200 one.

Alternatively, you can use the code for the Airtel Weekend plan listed below. In case the above methods didn’t work.

Check Out Airtel TikTok Data Plan Code Here!

Airtel Weekend Bundle Code

There is another way to make the Airtel weekend subscription, follow the guideline below to make the sub.

Should be in case the Airtel weekend sub code provided earlier didn’t work, I’ve carefully selected some special offers for you as a replacement; they include, 2GB for N500 naira and 1GB for N300 naira.

  • For 2GB for N500: Recharge at least N500 on your Airtel Sim, and simply dial *312*504# to subscribe (valid for 2 days i.e Saturday and Sunday).
  • For 1GB for N300: Recharge at least N300 on your Airtel Sim, then dial *312*354# to subscribe (valid for 1 day, in other words, Saturday only).

These are the latest airtel weekend plan.

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How to Use Airtel Weekend Plan

Now, this is where lots of people get it totally wrong. When it comes to using the Airtel weekend plan, some people thought they can subscribe to the data plan on Friday evening and start using it.

Please don’t get it wrong. While you may think the weekend starts after working hours on Friday, this plan doesn’t work based on your own working hours. It is programmed to become active on Saturday and Sunday.

Therefore, to use the weekend plans on Airtel even if you’ve subscribed before the weekend, you’ll need to wait till 12:00 am Saturday midnight, and it will be activated automatically.

And once it’s 11:59 pm on Sunday, you no longer have access to the Airtel weekend data plan, and your standard data plan will be activated (if you have one).

Also keep in mind that, unlike the Airtel Social Bundle, the Airtel Weekend plan doesn’t have limitations on what type of Apps you can use on. It’s just like the regular data plan that you can use to do anything on the internet.

How to Check Airtel Weekend Data Plan Balance

You can check your Airtel weekend plan balance by simply dialing *310#, or *223# on the Airtel line with which you’ve subscribed to the plan. A pop-up will appear on your screen telling you that an SMS with your data balance details will be sent to you shortly.

After that, you’ll receive a notification message containing your Airtel weekend plan balance as well as other active data plan balance you have.


Airtel network won’t stop getting its customers delighted by introducing new and beneficial services just like the Airtel Weekend data plan we just discussed here in this post.

I believe by now, you should have no problem subscribing and activating the Airtel weekend plan code.

If so, do leave a comment below, and let’s see how it goes.


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