Airtel YouTube Night Plan Code, Time & How to Use it 2023

Have you been hearing, seeing, or noticing that Airtel gives you free data to watch YouTube?

Then, I guess you’ll be thinking about how to use Airtel YouTube night data.

If you’re one of those that is usually awake through the night just to enjoy some episodes of your favorite movies series you’d be wondering how you can get cheap Airtel YouTube night plan to make your night sweet.

Well, if you fall in any of these categories, then you’ve also fallen on the right page where I will walk you through everything you need to know about Airtel YouTube night data plan.

These include how to use Airtel YouTube night bonus, how to activate it, how to check the balance, a list of the best Airtel YouTube night data plan for you, and code to activate them respectively.

Not only that, but you’ll discover the Airtel YouTube night time, and I’ll also shed some light on how to use Airtel YouTube night data during the day.

I believe you’re ready to explore this post, then let’s dive straight in!


About Airtel YouTube Night Plan

Airtel YouTube Night data plan is referred to as YouTube video packs. These data plans allow you to watch YouTube videos on your device at affordable rates.

However, similar to MTN YouTube night data, Airtel YouTube night plan is segmented into two packages namely;

  • YouTube Weekly & Monthly Packs
  • YouTube Plus Packs

Where the YouTube weekly & monthly packs is a plan allows you to purchase weekly and/or monthly subscriptions of data that is only activated when you open your YouTube app at midnight.

While the YouTube Plus Packs is a data bonus you get in form of compensation when you buy a normal/regular data bundle.

However, unlike other data bonuses, the Airtel YouTube night bundle bonus can only be used at night and only on the YouTube app. It can also be referred to as standard data plans that give FREE access to YouTube at midnight.

Now that you know what Airtel YouTube night plan is all about, let’s move on to how to use them.

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How to Use Airtel YouTube Night Data

Using both the YouTube Weekly & Monthly Packs and YouTube Plus Packs is pretty easy.

Once you receive any of these data bundles by using the activation methods that will be explained later in this post, you’ll just need to stay awake till the time it becomes active.

Once the time reaches, just open the YouTube app on your mobile phone and click or search for any video of your choice. Then, you can start watching the videos until you fall asleep or your YouTube night data gets exhausted.

Please keep in mind that you cannot use this data to download videos for offline viewing, as it is only meant for streaming.

Now that you know how to use Airtel YouTube night data, how do you activate it?

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How to Activate Airtel YouTube Night Plan Code

Since there are two types of Airtel YouTube night data plan, the method of activating each of them is quite different.

However, the general activation code for Airtel YouTube night plan is *323#. But, you’ll still need to follow more procedures to activate your preferred plan.

Airtel YouTube night plan code

That is why I have made a table for you so as to quickly and easily subscribe to the Airtel YouTube night data plan. Just scroll down a little to see the codes to activate Airtel YouTube night data.

Code to Activate YouTube Night Data on Airtel

The following are the codes to activate YouTube night plan on Airtel.

Airtel YouTube Weekly & Monthly Packs

PriceData VolumeValidity PeriodActivation Code
₦1503007 Days*323*22#
₦20060030 Days*323*21#
₦3003007 Days*323*12#
₦40060030 Days*323*11#

While these data bundles may seem like they are small, they let you watch YouTube videos non-stop for 4 hours every night through their validity periods.

Airtel YouTube Plus Packs

PriceStandard DataYouTube Plus PackActivation CodeValidity Period
₦1,0001.5GB3GB*323*31#30 Days
₦2,0003.5GB6GB*323*32#30 Days
₦2,5005GB10GB*323*33#30 Days
₦3,5007GB10GB*323*34#30 Days
₦5,0009GB10GB*323*35#30 Days

Those are the Airtel YouTube plan available at the moment on the network.

Now, let’s take a look at the Airtel YouTube night time. Therefore, when does Airtel YouTube night plan start?

Airtel YouTube Night Time

Airtel YouTube night time is 1AM – 5AM.

That simply means the YouTube night data on Airtel will start working at exactly 1:00AM at midnight, and stop working at exactly 5:00AM very early in the morning.

So, if you’re asking when does Airtel YouTube night plan start, or when does Airtel YouTube night sub ends, there you have the perfect answer.

How to Use YouTube Night Bonus on Airtel

After getting a YouTube night bonus on Airtel, you can use it by simply turning on your Airtel data connection anytime from 1 am to 5 am to enjoy your bonus.

Note: The YouTube night bonus on Airtel can only be used on the YouTube app.

That simply means you can’t use it on the YouTube web on your PC (laptop and/or computer).

More so, this Airtel YouTube data bonus can only be used to stream videos on YouTube, and cannot be used to download videos.

So, if you’re among those seeking how to use YouTube night bonus on Airtel, that’s how to use it in the correct ways.

How to Use Airtel YouTube Night Data During the Day

Before showing you the activation codes, I’ll quickly like to answer this common question “how to use Airtel YouTube night data during the day”.

Well, I would have loved to say something like “You can use your Airtel YouTube midnight data during the day by turning on the dark mode version of your YouTube app in the app settings. This will help trick YouTube that you’re at night”. (Lol).

But it is unfortunate that there is no trick that could do that. Therefore, you cannot use Airtel night YouTube data during the day as it is only meant for midnight streaming only.

How Long Does Airtel YouTube Night Data Last

Unlike other night plans on the Airtel network, Airtel YouTube night data last for just 4 hours.

This simply means it starts at 1 am and ends at 5 am.

However, it is another story when it comes to its validity period. The flavour to this YouTube night Airtel plan that made it stand out is the long validity period it has.

Airtel YouTube night subscription validity period ranges from 7 to 30 days depending on the plan you subscribe to.

Since there are two types, it shouldn’t be a surprise if one lasts more than the other. What I’m trying to say here is that all the plans on the YouTube Plus Pack are valid for 30 days. While it ranges from 7 to 30 days on the YouTube Weekly & Monthly Packs, depending on your subscription.

I believe the table above will help you better understand this section.

How to Check Airtel YouTube Night Data Balance

You can easily check your balance for YouTube night data on Airtel by dialing *310#, and you’ll receive an SMS stating the youtube data balance you have left.

How to Deactivate Airtel YouTube Night Data

You can deactivate your Airtel YouTube night data by simply not subscribing to a new one once your current subscription expires.

This is simply because there is no official code to deactivate Airtel YouTube night subscription.

For the Airtel YouTube night bonus data, you can just stop using it to get it deactivated.

Airtel YouTube Night Expired

One popular question people tend to ask is “why did my YouTube night plan on Airtel expired”.

Your Airtel YouTube night expired simply because the validity period of the data is due.

Since you have 7-30 days to enjoy your Youtube night plan on Airtel, you must make sure you finish it before the due date, or else it will expire itself.

Airtel YouTube Night Sub – FAQ

Who is eligible for Airtel YouTube Night Plan?

Every Airtel user is eligible to subscribe to and enjoy the YouTube night plan on Airtel network.

What time is YouTube night on Airtel?

The time for YouTube night on Airtel is 1:00 am at midnight to 5:00 am at sunrise.

How to use Airtel YouTube night data to download?

You cannot use Airtel YouTube night data to download videos either on YouTube or any browser. This is simply because it is designed only to be used to stream videos.

Why is my Airtel YouTube night data not working?

One common reason why your Airtel YouTube night bonus is not working may be due to it being exhausted. And another reason may be that it is not yet time for it to be activated.

Is it possible to use Airtel night data during the day?

It is not by any means possible to use your Airtel night data during the day. This is because night data plans are meant to be used at midnight only.

Airtel YouTube night bonus starts from what time? 

Airtel YouTube night bonus starts at 1 am and ends at 5 am. That means its duration is 4 hours.

When does Airtel YouTube night plan start?

YouTube night plan starts at exactly 1:00 am at midnight for both regular and YouTube night bonus on Airtel.


Airtel network won’t stop amazing its customers with new and beneficial features they often launch.

With the initiative of making Airtel YouTube night plan flexible by providing two options which one is in form of a bonus and the other to be purchased, the company really deserves appreciation.

I believe by now that how to use Airtel YouTube night data during the day, or how to use Airtel YouTube night bonus shouldn’t be a thing that will border you anymore.

Please feel free to drop a comment below if you found this post helpful.


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  3. I try using my YouTube data from 1am to 5am but I discover that my YouTube data was barely touched instead my main data was being used instead of the youtube data as advertised. What I mean is instead of the youtube data being deducted from it was my main data that is being used to pay for the videos I was streaming. I have been able to speak to an Airtel representative. Help!!!!

    • It happens sometimes, that is why I recommend you restart your phone, or turn off your data connection, and turn it on again once it’s 1:03 am to activate the bundle, so you could use it for YouTube. This way, your main (normal) data sub won’t be touched.

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