How to Borrow Data from MTN Without Paying Back in 2023

How to borrow Data from MTN without paying back

This post contains information on how to borrow Data from MTN without paying back. One of the benefits of the MTN network to users is the loan service it offers. Yes, I mean the feature that let MTN users borrow money and repay anytime they like. While the network makes it flexible for customers that … Read more

How to Convert MTN Bonus to Data 2023 [Fast & Easy]

How to Convert MTN Bonus to Data

Has MTN been giving you airtime bonuses over and over and over again that you can’t use it all for calls, and thinking on how to convert the bonus to data? Then, you’re now thinking about how to convert MTN bonus to data. You just landed on the right page where I’ll walk you through … Read more

How to Transfer Airtime from MTN to Glo Network 2023 [USSD & SMS]

How to Transfer Airtime from MTN to Glo

This post is all about how to transfer airtime from MTN to Glo. It is not a secret that MTN Share which let customers transfer airtime from one line to another is one of the most beneficial services on the MTN network. The cool thing about this service is that, within just a few clicks, … Read more

How to Activate Pre Activated Glo Data Plan in 2023

how to activate pre activated Glo data plan

This post will show you how to activate pre activated Glo data plan. Congrats, you’ve successfully subscribed to Glo data plan. But unfortunately, it seems not to work. Yes, it is not yet activated. Of course, it feels so annoying when you buy a data plan that ended up not working, and you don’t know … Read more

How to Borrow Airtime From Airtel | Airtel Extra Credit Code

How to borrow airtime from Airtel

I guess you just got your airtime exhausted, and now you’re looking for how to borrow airtime from airtel. Well, this shouldn’t be intimidating, for I know how it feels especially when you’re making a very important call, and all of a sudden you just hear “One Minute Remaining”. Or you want to make a … Read more

Glo 4G APN Settings for Android, iPhone & Modem

Glo 4G APN Settings

Have you checked my post on how to upgrade Glo SIM to 4G? If you have, I believe you might have gotten a 4G SIM to start enjoying a high-speed browsing experience. However, to start enjoying a speedy internet, you need the right internet settings on your device. Yes, you need to configure your Glo … Read more

How to Transfer Data From MTN to Airtel 2023 [USSD & SMS]

how to transfer data from MTN to Airtel

Do you want to share data with your friends that are using Airtel SIM? MTN is one of the best network providers in Nigeria that gives huge data both in purchase and bonuses. I guess you looking for how to transfer data from MTN to Airtel, which is due to maybe the first reason I … Read more

How to Check Airtel Number in Nigeria, India, Sri Lanka, Ghana 2023

This is a complete guide on how to check Airtel number. Do you want to give out your number or you want to recharge your Airtel line from your bank and you neither know your number offhand nor how to check it? Then don’t worry, that’s why I curated this post to help you find … Read more

How to Transfer Airtime on MTN 2023 [3 Quick & Easy Methods]

How to transfer airtime on MTN for the first time has been one of the most common questions new MTN users ask. Not knowing the code to transfer airtime on MTN shouldn’t be intimidating as most people thought of it, for there are different ways it can be done. But don’t worry, for I will … Read more