Glo Social Bundle Subscription Code 2023

Glo Social bundle

Do you barely use your browsers, but still subscribe to Glo standard plan? Or do you want to start using social media only and forget about browsers and other internet features apart from social media for a while? There are a lot of reasons that usually come with switching to social media alone. But the … Read more

Glo WhatsApp Plan Code 2023 | Daily, Weekly & Monthly Sub

Glo WhatsApp Plan

Have you once heard of Glo WhatsApp plan? Or, you’ve once come across it on the web, but didn’t pay attention to it then? O yes, when you aren’t in need of things, you barely even want to know at them. For the case here, I guess, you’re probably remembering this because you just ran … Read more

How Many MB is MTN WhatsApp Bundle (Is it UNLIMITED?)

how many MB is MTN WhatsApp bundle

This post explains how many MB is MTN WhatsApp bundle. Did you subscribe to the MTN WhatsApp Daily plan, and have been using it for hours now and it isn’t showing any sign of exhaustion? Or it’s the weekly or daily plan you purchased and for days now, you’ve been using it and never gotten … Read more

Glo YouTube Plan Subscription Code 2023 [7 Hours Streaming]

Glo YouTube Plan

This post is all about the Glo YouTube plan. Hi Glo users! I guess you’ve heard about other networks’ YouTube plans and you’re wondering if you could also take advantage of it on the Glo network. Well, since the increase in popularity of YouTube in Nigeria, many people have become addicted to the platform, even … Read more

Airtel Opera Mini Bundle Subscription Code 2023

Airtel Opera Mini bundle

Is your browser consuming more data than you’ve expected? Or, you just heard that Airtel is offering cheap data bundles for opera mini? In that case, I believe what you’ll be seeking now is how to buy Airtel Opera mini bundle. I know some people may feel shy asking their friends how they could what … Read more

Glo Instagram Bundle Subscription Code 2023

Glo Instagram bundle

This post is all about the Glo Instagram Bundle. Do you have a very important post you want to see on Instagram? Or you just heard the news of a trending story posted by your favorite Influencer on Instagram? Or maybe you’re just bored and want to catch cruise a little on Instagram. These are … Read more

MTN WhatsApp Subscription Code 2023 | Daily, Weekly & Monthly Sub

MTN WhatsApp subscription

Are you looking to diversify into social media data, WhatsApp data to be precise? Doing a normal subscription can be a waste of money sometimes, especially when you’re broke, or don’t want to use other browsing features and social media except WhatsApp. Since the introduction of the MTN WhatsApp data plan, many MTN users have … Read more

Glo TikTok Plan | How to Buy TikTok Data Bundle on Glo

Glo TikTok plan

This post is all about the Glo TikTok plan. Do you want to catch some cruise by watching TikTok short funny videos? Or do you want to follow the trending challenge on TikTok, and probably create yours too? Doing all these requires a lot of data, as we all know that TikTok consumes a lot … Read more

MTN Instagram Bundle Subscription Code 2023 | Daily, Weekly & Monthly

MTN Instagram Bundle

This post is all about the MTN Instagram Bundle. Are you bored and wants to hop on Instagram to catch some cruise, so as to free up your boredom? Or you have a small business that you want to grow via Instagram, but you don’t have enough data? Then going with the MTN Instagram bundle … Read more