Cheat Codes for Airtel 3G 2023 | Unlimited Data Pack

Are you looking for the latest cheat codes for Airtel 3G? Or you’re looking for the one for 2G? Hurray, you’re on the right page.

Not until we fish out the 3G cheat codes on Airtel, Airtel 4G LTE customers tend to enjoy more Airtel data cheat for free browsing than other SIM types.

However, it is not like that anymore as 3G and 2G SIMs too can now enjoy some cheeky data as all other SIM card types.

Of course, how to get and use the latest cheat codes for Airtel 3G SIM is what we’ll be discussing mainly in this post.

More so, if you haven’t upgraded your SIM to 3G, not to talk of 4G, we’ve also got some exclusive cheats for Airtel 2G ready for you in this article.

To know that all, just take a seat, and read on.

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About Airtel 3G Cheat

The Airtel 3G data cheat codes are some certain types of special code that can be used to get extremely cheap data bundles and sometimes totally free browsing data volume on the Airtel network.

As the name implies, data volume gotten by using any of the cheat codes for Airtel 3G can only be used over the 3G network, and/or lower version SIM types like 2G.

Although it is commonly known as explained above, not all the browsing data gotten using the 3G cheat codes only works over the 3G network.

That simply means some 3G packages work for 2G and even 4G.

However, keep in mind that some 2G subscriptions using some specific types of cheats to get may not work for 3G, or 4G SIM.

With that being said, let’s start by looking at some of the cheapest and latest data cheat codes for Airtel 3G.

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Cheat Codes for Airtel 3G

Using the *312# Airtel data bundle subscription code, there are tons of offers that can be gotten at an offensively cheap price including the UNLIMITED DATA BUNDLES.

However, there are still cheaper packages that can be gotten using the special cheat codes for Airtel 3G. These subscriptions include:

3G Super Offer

The Airtel 3G cheat code for super offers allows you to get extremely cheap data bundles on the Airtel network, that even some 4G SIM may not be able to enjoy.

Packages on this offer include the 1GB for N200 bundle, 1.5GB for N300, and 5GB for N1500.

Note: The cheat code to activate this offers is sent to you by the Airtel network if you’re being selected as one of the lucky customers. That simply means not all 3G SIM can enjoy this offer.

Although, even if you haven’t received the code to access this bundle directly from Airtel, you can follow the activation procedure below to check if it is available for you.

  • The cheat code to activate the Airtel 3G Super Offer is *312*242#.

Once dialed, a list of the available bundles for you will be displayed on your screen.

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3G Download Pack

Another cheat code for Airtel 3G is the 3G download package that gives you a whopping 1GB data for just N300.

  • you can activate this plan cheat by simply dialing the code *312*205#.

After dialing you can now start enjoying your 1GB 3G data on Airtel.

Referring to this package as the 3G download pack doesn’t mean that it can only be used for download. You can also use it like normal data on any platform.

Note: This is one of the Airtel 3G cheat codes that work over all network types including 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G sims with the preferred network type supported by your phone.

Keep in mind that after using the 3G cheat code on Airtel to get the bundle, the duration is 24 hours and you will not be able to roll over the data. That means you’ll need to make a new subscription after 24 hours if you want to continue enjoying the cheat.

Unlimited 3G Pack

The Airtel 3G unlimited data pack can be used for 25 days after using the cheat code to activate the plan.

  • The code for Airtel 3G 300 Naira subscription is *688# then reply with “1” to enjoy an unlimited data plan of N300 valid for 25 days.

Note: Similar to the 3G download pack, Airtel Nigeria has set this latest plan to work on 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G SIMs in relation to the choice of your phone networks.

After subscribing, you can make use of this plan for 25 days. Keep in mind that the data volume of this package is just 1GB.

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Cheat Codes for Airtel 2G

If you’re using a 2G only supported device, the 2G PACK plan is an amazing cheat for you to enjoy unlimited data that gives two huge subscription packages for extremely cheap prices.

This 2G PACK plan is an old plan that was launched in 2016. Although this plan was popular back during its launch, it was abandoned for some reason.

The cheat code we’ll be discussing here has helped bring back the bundle even better.

However, before showing you this Airtel 2G cheat code, there are some things to know about the plan before subscribing.

  • The Airtel cheat code for 2G pack will show you the N200 and N500 unlimited bundle upon dialing
  • The data plan can only be used on a 2G network
  • The bundle can be used on all devices except smartphone or modem that doesn’t support the 2G network
  • Upon subscription, any and all existing data plans you already have will be deactivated
  • Your preferred network type must be set to 2G network mode or else you won’t be able to browse with the data
  • N200 Unlimited pack is valid for 10 days and N500 unlimited pack is valid for 28 days.

Airtel Unlimited Data Cheat Code

To activate the Airtel 2G PACK unlimited cheat code, you must recharge your line with the amount that the plan you want to subscribe to costs, then follow the steps below to subscribe to the plan.

  • Navigate to the dialer app on your phone and dial *482#
  • Select the option for any of the 2G packs you want to buy
  • Then, proceed to subscribe to and activate the bundle.

That’s simply the Airtel free data cheat code to get unlimited 2G enabled data subscription on the Airtel network on any SIM type including 2G, 3G, and 4G.

Airtel 3G Data Hack – FAQs

How can I get unlimited 3G data in Airtel?

You can get unlimited 3G data on Airtel by simply recharging your line with N300, and dialing *688#, then selecting the N300 Unlimited bundle.

How can I get Airtel 1GB 3G free?

To get Airtel 1GB 3G data bundle, just navigate to your phone dialer and dial *312*205#, then select the 1GB bundle from the list of data packages available for you.

How to get 1GB for 200 on airtel 3g?

You can get 1GB for 200 on Airtel 3G line by simply dialing *312*205#, selecting the N200/1GB bundle from the list, then proceeding to subscribe to the plan.


With this simple guide, I believe if you’re among those seeking the cheat codes for Airtel 3G lines/SIMs, you’ve gotten the perfect answers for you.

If you still have questions concerning this topic, please do not hesitate in dropping them in the comment box below, I’ll be glad to help if it’s about the Cheat codes for Airtel 3G.


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