Glo 11KOBO Plan Code, Benefits, Bonus, Activation & Deactivation 2023

This post contains information on how to activate the Glo 11kobo plan code.

Are you a type that makes lots of calls than using data with your Glo SIM? Or, maybe your Glo is not in a data-enabled device whereby the data bonus is useless despite the huge data bonuses Yakata and Berekete offer.

Then, you’re really missing out and wasting your money if you’re not already on the Glo 11kobo plan where you can make calls at an extremely cheap rate, send SMS for cheap and do much more.

Sounds great, right?

Then, you should be wondering what this tariff plan really is, who can use it, and most importantly, the Glo 11kobo plan code.

Just keep scrolling down gently, for I won’t only explain what it is, I will also show you how to migrate to Glo 11kobo plan in two fast and super easy ways.

Without further ado, let’s get started!


What is Glo 11KOBO Plan?

As the name implies, the Glo 11kobo plan is an exclusive tariff plan that allows customers to make calls to all local networks in Nigeria at an extremely cheap rate of 11kobo per second (11k/sec) after paying a daily access fee of N7.

This simply means when you migrate to this tariff plan, you’ll be able to enjoy calls from Glo to Glo, and Glo to other Nigeria networks at a call rate of 11k/s. However, to activate this plan after migrating, you’ll need to pay a daily rental fee of ₦7 which will be deducted in the first second of the first call of the day.

The plan is especially beneficial to customers who make a lot of voice calls and/or customers who currently do not have data-enabled mobile phones and are therefore unable to enjoy Glo’s unmatched data plans and bonuses.

Glo 11kobo tariff plan is available to all prepaid customers both new and existing on the Glo network, and it doesn’t offer any data or airtime bonuses whatsoever.

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Glo 11KOBO Plan Code

To migrate to the Glo 11kobo plan simply dial *311# and you will be instantly migrated to Glo 11k per sec plan where you enjoy 11k/s to all local networks in Nigeria.

Please note that the first migration in a month is free. However, subsequent migration within the same month will require a migration fee of ₦100.

How to Migrate to Glo 11KOBO Plan

Below is an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to easily migrate to the Glo 11KOBO plan fast.

  • Simply dial *777#
  • Select the option for 11KOBO Plan
  • Reply with 1 – To Migrate.

And that’s it, you’ll be migrated to the Glo 11kobo per second plan where you can enjoy calls to all networks in Nigeria at a flat rate of 11k/sec, after paying a daily access fee of N7.

Now, if you’re among those seeking Glo 11KOBO plan code, or code for Glo 11kobo plan, I believe you now know it and how to activate it.

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Who is Eligible for Glo 11KOBO Tariff Plan?

After knowing the Glo 11kobo plan code, can you migrate to the plan, is the plan open for all Glo customers?

Only Glo prepaid customers are given access to this tariff plan. This is because it is a prepaid tariff plan, not a postpaid plan. More so, both new and existing customers on the Glo network can migrate to, and enjoy the Glo 11kobo per second plan.

However, here are some little things to keep in mind while looking to join this tariff plan.

  • You must have a full KYC registered Glo SIM card.
  • Your line must have been linked with your NIN.
  • Lastly, if it is a subsequent migration, you must make sure you have an airtime balance of at least N100 which will be charged as a migration fee.

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Glo 11KOBO Call Rate

The name already said it all. The Glo 11kobo plan call rate is obviously 11kobo per second (11k/sec), or 6.6 Naira per minute (₦6.6/min) to all local networks in Nigeria.

  • Onnet call rate: 11k/s
  • Offnet call rate: 11k/s
  • Access Fee on first outgoing call of the day: N7 (N7.17 including VAT)
  • International call rate: At standard International call Tariff
  • Flexi Data browsing: N1/MB

Now, how long would N100 airtime last on local calls?


  • Daily Access Fee: N7.00 Naira (100 – 7 = N93.00 left)
  • N0.11kobo × 60 seconds = N6.60k
  • Therefore, with N100 airtime, you will get >> N93/N6.6 ≈ 14 minutes

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Glo 11KOBO Plan – FAQs

Can I get bonus on Glo 11kobo tariff plan?

No, you cannot get a bonus whether data or airtime on the Glo 11KOBO tariff plan.

What is the code for Glo 11kobo plan?

*311# is the migration code for the 11kobo plan on the Glo network.

Is Glo 11kobo plan free?

If you’re joining the plan for the first time in a new month, it is totally free. However, if you switch between tariff plans within a month, you’ll be charged an N100 migration fee.

Also, keep in mind that a daily access fee of N7 is required to activate this tariff plan every day.


Glo network without a doubt is the most popular when it comes to unmatched data plans and bonuses that it offers. And with the introduction of the 11KOBO tariff plan, I think the telecom network is starting to be more beneficial to its customers.

By now, I believe how to migrate to Glo 11kobo per second plan should be a problem anymore. This is because I’ve provided you with all you need including the Glo 11kobo plan code, its call rate, and lots more.

Peace Out!!!

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