Glo 1500 for 7GB Code 2023 | Weekly/Monthly & Eligibility

Are you fed up buying data plans that won’t last long? Or, you got some huge files, maybe movies, music, or games and you don’t want to spend much on data.

Then, if you can’t wait till the weekend to do the Glo weekend plan 1.25GB & 3GB for N200, and you are not a type that likes waking up at night to do the Glo night plan, then, you should try this alternative data that gives you 7GB for 1500.

This Glo 1500 for 7GB is a little bit similar to the MTN 1500 for 6GB data plan that is currently popular amongst huge data users on MTN.

If you too is a heavy data user but don’t have an MTN line, Glo just got you an even better one that gives you 7GB instead of 6GB on MTN for the same price.

Anyways, to buy this plan, you need to know how to activate the Glo 1500 for 7GB code.

And that’s what we will be discussing here in this post. Just keep reading, for you won’t only see how to activate it, you’ll also learn how to check its balance, how long it last,s and who is eligible.

Without further ado, let’s get started!


About Glo 7GB for 1500

Similar to the Binge Airtel 6GB for 1500, the Glo 1500 for 7GB is a special data plan that was introduced by the Glo network to serve its customers with huge data volume for a cheap price.

This plan is just one of the three special data plans on the Glo network, and it is the most expensive, as the others cost N300 and N500 respectively.

Heavy data users definitely are really happy to see Glo launch this data plan, as it is one of the cheapest data plans that you can use at any time I’m on the Glo network. It isn’t a weekend plan nor is it a night plan.

This Glo special data plan has been around for a long time, but people barely notice it, as it is separated from other plans like the mini, weekly, monthly, and mega plans on the Glo network.

Anyways, now that you’ve finally found out about it, let’s see how to activate the Glo 7GB for 1500 code.

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Glo 1500 for 7GB Code

You can activate the Glo 1500 for 7GB data plan by simply following the easy steps below.

  • Simply dial *777#
  • Select the option for Data
  • Select option 1 – Buy Data Plans
  • Reply with 1 – Auto-Renew, or 2 – One-Off
  • Select option 5 – Special Data Offer
  • Select Option 1 – Special Plans
  • Finally, Reply with 3 – N1500 = 7GB for 7 Days.
Glo 1500 for 7GB

Once you follow those steps and you did it correctly, you’ll receive a notification message from Glo telling you that your subscription to Glo 7GB for 1500 was successful.

Now that you know the Glo 1500 for 7GB code and how to easily activate it fast, let’s see how you can be eligible for this plan, how long it lasts, and how to check your balance.

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How to be Eligible for Glo 7GB for 1500

Since the introduction of the Glo special data plan, there are no restrictions on who can subscribe to it or who is eligible for the plan.

Therefore, it is widely available to all Glo customers on all tariff plans. That simply means you don’t need to switch tariff or buy a new Glo SIM to get access.

However, there are some basic requirements to consider before you can subscribe to this plan. These include a fully registered Glo SIM already like with NIN, and an airtime balance of at least N1500 on the main balance of your Glo line.

Once you meet those requirements, you can now proceed to dial the Glo 7GB for 1500 code and subscribe to this plan.

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Glo Data Plan 1500 for 7GB Duration

The Glo N1500 for 7GB lasts for seven days, and that simply means it is a weekly data plan.

The plan is the only one that lasts 7 days among the three special data plans on the Glo network. In other words, it can be called the Glo 1500 for 7GB weekly plan.

Please take note that this plan won’t be available for use anymore after the seventh day unless you subscribe to it again or renew the plan with another N1500. 

Therefore, you need to try and make sure you exhaust it before or on the seventh day, or else, it will be swept off.

How to Check Glo 7GB for 1500 Balance

You can check your Glo data plan 1500 for 7GB balance by simply dialing *127*0#, and your data balance will be displayed instantly on your phone’s screen.

Glo 1500 for 7GB – FAQs

Does Glo have a 1500 for 7GB Data Plan?

Yes, the Glo network has a 1500 data plan that gives you 7GB. It is called the Glo N1500 for 7GB special data plan or the Glo 1500 weekly data plan.

What is the code for Glo 1500 for 7GB Data?

The Glo 1500 data plan code for 7GB is *777# > Select ‘Data’ > Select ‘Buy Data Plan’ > Select 1 or 2 > Select ‘Special Data Offer’ > Select ‘Special Plans’ > Then, Choose 3 ‘1500 for 7GB.

How do I get 7GB for 1500 on Glo?

To get 7GB for 1500 on Glo, simply dial *777# > Select ‘Data’ > Select ‘Buy Data Plan’ > Select 1 or 2 > Select ‘Special Data Offer’ > Select ‘Special Plans’ > Then, Choose 3 ‘1500 for 7GB.


With a wide range of unmatched data, the Glo network, without a doubt is the best when it comes to cheap data bundles and data bonuses also.

I believe by now, how to subscribe Glo 1500 for 7GB should not be difficult for you anymore, for I’ve made available for you in this article the Glo 7GB for 1500 code, how to activate it, and lots more.

If you still have questions concerning this topic, please feel free to leave them below in the comment box, I’ll be there to help.

Peace Out!!!

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