Glo 4X Recharge Code, Call Rate, Benefits & Balance 2023

Are you used to making calls more than you use your data on the Glo network?

As we all know, when it comes to data bonuses, you’ll always find Glo at the top, this is because they are the “Grand Master of Data”.

However, for those that use to call frequently, things get really annoying when you’re subscribed to tariff plans that charge 70 kobo per second on calls, and also don’t give airtime bonuses.

If you fall in that category, I’d like you to try the Glo 4x recharge pack. O yes, as the name implies, when you use the Glo 4x recharge code, your airtime will be boosted and you’ll be credited with 4 times (400%) of the amount you recharge.


That sounds really cool, right?

Now, let’s see how to activate Glo 4x recharge code so that you can start getting a 400% bonus on every recharge you make on your Glo line.

About Glo 4X Recharge

First things first, what is the 4x recharge package on Glo all about?

Glo 4x recharge is not a tariff plan, instead, it is an exclusive package that gives subscribers four times (4X or 400%) value of every recharge of N100 or more. 

That means when you recharge your line with the Glo 4X recharge code, your airtime amount will be boosted four times. For example, if you recharge N200 with the 4X recharge code on Glo, you’ll get N800 credited to your line.

You can use the bonus to call all local networks in Nigeria, including MTN, Airtel, and 9mobile. More so, this package is available to all prepaid Glo customers both old and new.

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How to Activate Glo 4X Recharge Code

To enjoy the 4X bonus on Glo, you simply have to recharge your line with the Glo 4x recharge code by simply dialing *323*Recharge card PIN#, and you’ll get four times (4X) the value of the amount you recharge.

Alternatively, you can top up your Glo line electronically with any of the following values: N125, N175, N225, N525, N725, and N1025 via Glo Café, Online, ATMs, or POS terminals, and automatically get credited four times (4X) the value of the amount you recharge.

After getting the bonus, you can use it to make calls and send SMS both locally and internationally.

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Glo 4X Recharge Call & SMS Rate

Getting a 4x bonus is sweet but is the call rate fair? Let’s check out how much you pay per second of call with the Glo 4x package.

  • Glo to Glo calls is charged at 45 kobo per second.
  • Glo to other networks (e.g, Glo to MTN, Glo to 9mobile, and Glo to Airtel) calls are charged at 45 kobo per second.
  • International calls are charged at 60 kobo per second.
  • SMS is charged at N4 per SMS.

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Benefits of Glo 4X

  • 400% bonus on every recharge.
  • Call to 23 international destinations (such as Bangladesh, Brunei, Canada, China, Denmark, French Guiana, Guam, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Luxembourg, Malta, Mongolia, Norway, Puerto Rico, Romania, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, UK, US) at cheap rate of 60k/sec.
  • Call to all local networks (such as Glo, MTN, Airtel & 9mobile) at a rate of 45k/sec charged from the bonus account.
  • You can recharge straight from your bank and get 4 times the amount you recharge (within N150, N250, N550, N1050, N2050, N5050, and N10,050).
  • The Glo 4x recharge code page is available to all prepaid customers on the Glo network.

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How to Check Glo 4X Balance

To check your Glo 4X balance, simply dial #122*30#, and a pop-up containing the 4x bonus airtime amount you have left will be displayed on your phone’s screen.


Without a doubt, Glo is one of the best telecom networks in Nigeria that offers bountiful bonuses with amazing benefits.

However, not all users use data, therefore, I’d say Glo 4x package is could be the best bet for such users.

With the Glo 4X recharge code that I have shown you in this post, I believe you should have no worries about getting for times bonus on every recharge on the Glo network from now on.


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