Glo Data Plan 1000 for 4GB Code 2023 | CHEAT & Eligibility

I guess you’ve been searching the internet for how to do the Glo data plan 1000 for 4GB but maybe you couldn’t find any working tutorial until now.

Search no further, for you’re on the right page where I show you the working code for Glo 1000 for 4GB data plan, how to activate it, and also show you the trick on how to subscribe to the data plan.

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What is Glo 1000 for 4GB Data Plan All About?

Glo 1000 for 4GB is a new data plan introduced together with the 4G LTE coverage network to enable Glo subscribers to enjoy cheap data bundles on the Glo network.

Glo is one of the best if not the best network provider in Nigeria when it comes to cheap and affordable data plans with whopping data volume, bonuses, and other special data offers.

Even though this plan was launched together with 4G LTE, it is available for all Glo subscribers whether you’re using a 4GB, 3G, or 2G SIM card, you can still enjoy this data offer.


However, the Glo 4GB for 1000 Naira technically does not exist anymore after an update in Glo Data Plans. But the data plan can still be activated but in another way. That is Glo 500 for 2GB which is equivalent to N1000 for 4GB.

This data plan can be shared with other Glo users. That means be it a company, organization, cyber cafe, or a small group, you can all enjoy this data plan together if just one person subscribed and share it with others.

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Who is Eligible For Glo Data Plan 1000 for 4GB?

Unlike other network providers’ Special Data Plan that is SIM card or tariff-based, Glo data plan 1000 for 4GB is available for all Glo network users.

That means you can enjoy this data plan without buying a new SIM or switching your tariff plan. Therefore, Glo has made it easy for its subscribers to access this special offer without any restrictions.

However, there are some basic requirements that you need to consider before you are fully qualified for this data plan.

See the requirements below. 

  • Get a working Glo SIM card that is being registered with your full details at the SIM registration center. 
  • Insert the SIM card in your phone.
  • Then recharge the line with at least N1000 airtime if the credit on your main balance isn’t sufficient.
  • Now dial the Glo recharge code to make sure you have a sufficient account balance of at least N1000.
  • Once this is done, you’re now qualified for the N1000 for 4GB Glo data plan.
  • Proceed to dial the activation code.

And that’s all that you need to be eligible for this special data bundle.

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How to Subscribe to Glo Data Plan 1000 for 4GB

The following is an easy to follow, step-by-step guideline on how to get 4GB for 1000 on Glo.

  1. Navigate to the dialer app on your mobile device and dial *777#.
  2. Select option the option for Data.
  3. Choose option 1 – Buy Data Plan.
  4. Select option 2 – One-Off or 1 – Auto-Renew.
  5. Select option 5 – Special Data Offer.
  6. Reply with 1 – Special Plans.
  7. Reply with 2 – N500 = 2GB for 3 days.
  8. Repeat this process once again. That is N500 (2GB) + N500 (2GB) = N1000 for 4GB. 
  9. Done! You’ve successfully subscribed to the Glo special data plan.

That is how to subscribe to Glo data plan 1000 for 4GB.

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How to Check Glo N1000 for 4GB Data Balance

You can check Glo data plan 1000 for 4GB data balance the exact way you check your normal data bundle balance.

Just dial *127*0# and your remaining data volume plus the expiry date and time will be stated in the pop-up that displays.

And in a while, you’ll also receive a notification message from Glo or 127 telling you something like this “You are on N500_Oneoff expires (Date & Time), and your data balance is remaining (Amount of data left)”

Glo Data Plan 1000 for 4GB

Alternatively, you can check your Glo data plan 1000 for 4GB by simply following the steps below.

  • Open the dialer app on your phone.
  • Then, dial *777#
  • Select the option for Data
  • Then, reply with 4 – Check Data Balance
  • After that, a pop-up will display on your screen stating your Glo 4GB for 1000 (Actually, 500 for 2GB) data balance alongside other data balance you have left.
  • Click OK.

After a while, you will receive a message from Glo showing you all of your data balance, including the 1000 for 4GB Glo data balance.

How to Deactivate Glo Data Plan 1000 for 4GB

You can always deactivate your Glo 1000 for 4GB data plan if you are no longer interested in the plan.

You can do that by following the step below.

  • Text CANCEL to 127.

That’s it, your data plan will be deactivated instantly by the Glo network.

Alternatively, you can opt out of the Glo data plan 1000 for 4GB from the point of subscription by simply opting in for the One-Off option.

Frequently Asked Questions About Glo N1000 for 4GB data plan

Which plan gives 4GB for 1000 on Glo?

All Glo tariff plans allow you to sub the Glo 4GB for 1000 Naira. Therefore, all tariff plans on Glo gives 4GB for N1000

How many GB is Glo N1000 Subscription?

If you’re subscribing to Glo Special Data Plan, 4GB worth of data is what you get for just N1000 subscription. And is available for all Glo users.

However, if you’re subscribing to other Glo data plans, you might get less or more on N1000 data subscription.

How long does Glo 1000 for 4GB data last?

Technically, Glo data plan 1000 for 4GB Special Data Plan lasts for just 4 days.

This is how! 

Since you’re subscribing to the N500 for 2GB data plan that lasts for just 2 days, you’ll need to repeat the subscription/activation process once the first N500 plan expires.

That simply means N500 for the first 2 days and N500 for the last 2 days and is equivalent to N1000 for 4 days.

How can I get Glo 4GB for 1000?

Just dial *777# > 1 (Data) > 1 (Buy Data Plan) > 1 or 2 (One-Off / Auto-Renew) > 5 (Special Data Offer) > 1 (Special Plans) > 2 (N500 = 2GB for 2 days) > Do this twice to make the data bundle equivalent to N1000 for 4GB.

That’s how to get Glo 4GB data for N1000

What is the code for Glo N1000 for 4G data plan?

Dial *777*1*1*2*5*1# and select 2 as an option in the dialogue box of the pop-up. Then, repeat the process one more time. And you’ve subscribed to the 4GB for N1000 data plan.

What is the Glo cheat code 1000 for 4GB?

*777*1*1*2*5*1# is the cheat code for Glo 1000 for 4GB data bundle. After dialing this code, select option 2 to subscribe to the package.


Glo N1000 for 4GB is one of the best data plans for heavy internet users. Even though lasts for just 4 days, it is still beneficial to larger data users, especially those who watch YouTube a lot and love catching cruise on social media.

I guess before even getting to this conclusion section of this post, some of you would have subscribed to this data plan. 

I love that! You’re smart!

However, do not hesitate in coming back to this article to check again what you didn’t understand.

More so, If you got any questions concerning the Glo data plan 1000 for 4GB, feel free to drop them right in the comments section below.

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