Glo Double Data Code & Eligibility 2023 [50GB+ FREE]

Some of my previous posts include the MTN double data code and the Airtel double data code, and since I posted them, there’s been a lot of people asking for the Glo double data code too.

It is obvious that Glo Nigeria is the best telecom network provider when it cones to extremely cheap bundles.

However, getting these cheap data packages sometimes may not be enough as you may need more data to do more stuff online.

That’s why I’ve brought before you the Glo double data code to show you exactly how to get double data on Glo.

Of course, you’ll discover everything from the eligibility and activation to the duration and also the Glo double data cheat code.

If you’re ready to enjoy the 2X offer, then read on.

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About Glo Double Data Offer

Glo double data sometimes referred to as the Glo 100% data bonus is an exclusive offer recently launched by the Glo network to give data subscribers 2 times the value of the data bundles they purchase.

This simply means that with the code for Glo double data, you can get 100%, 2X, or double the value of any data package purchased.

For example, if you buy a 500 Naira bundle that gives 1GB regular data, you’ll get 2GB instead, with the Glo double data offer.

Why this offer is called the Glo 100 percent data bonus offer is that as you can see in the example given above, you get 100% or 2X the value of your data subscription (i.e 1GB + 1GB = 2GB).

While this offer is amazing, it is available for all Glo customers, but is not enjoyable by all, as some eligibility requirements come with it.

Although it’s very important you know the code for Glo double data plan, it is more important you know how to be eligible for Glo double data first.

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How to Be Eligible for Glo Double Data

Like I said above, the Glo double data promo is available for all Glo customers, but cannot be enjoyed by all.

What does that mean?

It means that the Double data offer on Glo is a tariff based promo that can be activated only on the Glo Berekete Plus Plus tariff plan.

Therefore, you’ll need to switch from your current tariff plan on Glo to the Berekete Plus Plus plan if you want to enjoy the double data offer.

Bonus: The Berekete++ plan is the new tariff plan on Glo and it is available on all new Glo SIM by default.

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Once migrated, you can go ahead and dial the code for Glo double data plan and start enjoying Glo 100% data bonus on data subscriptions.

Glo Double Data Code

  • The Glo double data code is the normal data plan code *777#

After dialing this code, select the “Data Plan” option and you’ll see a list of normal data bundles. However, when you subscribe to any of the plans, the data volume you’ll get will be doubled upon activation.

For example, if you buy 2.5GB for N1000, after subscribing, you’ll get an additional 2.5GB data bonus making it 5GB for 1000 altogether.

Note: This Glo double data code only works on the Glo Brekete Plus Plus tariff plan. Therefore, if you’re on Yakata or Bumpa, you may not get your data doubled after subscription.

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Glo Double Data Cheat

To simplify things, I like giving multiple methods of getting new offers on any telecom networks in Nigeria.

Therefore, below is the Glo double data cheat code, and a step by step guide on how to get Glo double data plan.

  • Migrate to Berekete Plus Plus tariff plan
  • Then navigate to the dialer app on your phone and dial *777#
  • Now, select the “Data” option
  • Reply with the option for “Data Plan”
  • Choose the data plan you wish to purchase
  • Finally, select a data bundle, and proceed to subscribe.

Once subscribed using the code for Glo double data offer, as shown above, you’ll get a 100% data bonus of any data subscription purchased.

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How to Check Glo Double Data Bonus

To be really sure that you’re being credited with the 100% data bonus after subscribing to a data plan using the code for double data on Glo, you’ll need to check your balance.

To check your Glo double data balance, simply dial *127*0#, and a pop up containing your double data balance will appear on your screen, after which you’ll receive an SMS from Glo containing all your data balance including the 100% bonus.

Glo 100% Data Bonus – FAQs

Is Glo giving double data?

Yes, Glo is giving double data, and it can be activated on the Berekete Plus Plus tariff plan.

Which Glo tariff is giving double data?

Glo Berekete Plus Plus tariff plan is the Glo tariff plan that is giving double data on every data purchase.

How do you double data on Glo?

To double your Glo data, just migrate to the Berekete++ tariff plan, and dial *777# to buy a data bundle, then you’ll get 2X the value of the data package purchased.

What is the cheat code for double data on Glo?

The Glo double data cheat code is *777#, then purchase a data package and you’ll get 2X data volume of your subscription if the purchase is successful.

How can I get 100% data bonus on Glo?

You can get 100% data bonus simply by migrating to the Berekete++ tariff plan, then dialing *777# to purchase a data package, and you’ll get 2 times the subscription value.


With tons of cheap data packages available on the network, Glo double data offer has even made lots of Glo data subscriptions even cheaper than ever. So, jump on it while it still lasts.

Anyways, with this simple guide about the Glo double data code, I believe you now know how to get double data on Glo by using the code for Glo double data shown to you in this post.


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