Glo Gbam Plus Migration Code 11k/s & FREE Browsing 2023

Are you tired of getting just data bonuses only on the Glo network, and you what to make more calls at a very cheap rate while you still enjoy some huge bonuses along the way?

Then, what are you still waiting for when others have started enjoying calls at 11 kobo per second, sending SMS almost for free, and also browsing the internet faster for free on the Glo Gbam Plus tariff plan.

O yes, just imagine recharging your line with just N100 airtime and keep making calls for tens of minutes without even worrying about exhausting your call credit.

That’s awesome, right?

Of course, that’s what you get on the Glo GbamPlus tariff plan. All you need is to know how to migrate to Glo Gbam Plus and start enjoying all the benefits.

I guess you’re now thinking of the Glo Gbam Plus code, and how to activate the tariff plan. Just keep reading, for I’ve made it all available for you right here in this post.

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About Glo Gbam Plus

Glo Gbam Plus is an exclusive tariff plan launched by the Glo network to give customers the opportunity to make calls to all networks both locally and internationally at a very cheap rate.

This means subscribers on the Glo Gbam Plus tariff plan will be able to make calls at 11 kobo per second. However, this 11k/sec call rate is limited to on-net calls only. This means Glo to Glo calls only.

While on the other hand, if you want to call numbers on other networks, in other words, Glo to MTN, Glo to Airtel, and Glo to 9mobile, you’ll be charged 18k/sec. Anyways, this is still reasonable compared to other tariff plans that charge 22 kobo to 40 kobo per second.

One thing to keep in mind about this Glo Gbam Plus tariff plan is that it attracts a N5 daily rental fee. That means to use this tariff plan, you must pay a N5 access fee which will be charged on the first second of your first call of the day.

Customers on this tariff plan also enjoy the opportunity to send SMS at N4 per SMS. More so, special data offers are often sent to Glo Gbam Plus subscribers.

Also with the Glo Gbam plus you can also call international destinations like the US, UK, China, India, and Canada at a flat rate of 20k/sec. SMS is charged at N10 to international destinations.

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How to Migrate to Glo Gbam Plus

Below is an easy-to-follow step-by-step guideline on how to migrate to Glo Gbam Plus tariff plan.

  • Simply dial *777#
  • Select option 4 – My Tariff Plan
  • Select option 6 – Other Plans
  • Reply with 3 – Gbam Plus
  • Finally, choose the option “Migrate Now”

And that’s it, you’ll be migrated to the Glo Gbam tariff plan where you’ll start enjoying local calls at 11k/sec and international calls at 20k/sec.

After a while, dial #100# to confirm if your migration was successful.

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Glo Gbam Plus Migration Code

The code to activate the Glo Gbam Plus tariff plan is *211#. And you’ll be migrated to the Glo Gbam tariff plan. Now, you can start making Glo to Glo calls at 11 kobo per second, Glo to other local networks at 18 kobo per second, international calls at 20 kobo per second, and send SMS at 4 Naira per SMS.

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Benefits of Glo Gbam Plus

This post won’t be completed if we don’t take a look at why lots of people are migrating to this plan, and why you too should.

Now, what are Glo Gbam Plus benefits?

  • 11k per second on-net call rate.
  • 18k per second off-net call rate.
  • 20k per second international call rate.
  • 10 minutes of free browsing every month.
  • New and old customers are welcome to migrate on this tariff plan.
  • After the deduction of N5 daily access fee, you will be able to call at a cheap rate for the rest of the day. It resets by 12 am.

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Note: After some research, I found out that not all Glo GbamPlus tariff plan subscribers have access to the 10 minutes of monthly free browsing. Therefore, if you don’t get the free browsing keep in mind that you are not yet eligible that’s why.

You can just go on to enjoy the other benefits of the tariff plan.


Without a doubt, Globacom telecommunication company (Glo Nigeria) is the best telecom network when it comes to cheap data bundles and bonuses. However, with the new Glo Gbam Plus tariff plan, the company has proven itself not to only base on data alone.

I believe by now, you should have known the Glo Gbam Plus migration code, and how to migrate in fast and easy ways.


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