Glo Night Plan Not Working? 8 Easy Ways to Fix it

Is your Glo night plan not working? Then, this post is for you.

One common question people ask is “why is my Glo night plan not working”. And fortunately, that’s the reason for curating this post, because I also asked myself this question not long ago when I bought a night data bundle on Glo, and upon turning it on at midnight, it doesn’t work.

It was annoying though, but I somehow find a way to make it work.

If you have a similar problem, then let’s discuss what the problem could be, and after that, find solutions to each of the problems.

Reasons Why Your Glo Night Plan is Not Working

There are many problems that could result in your Glo night plan not working, and some of them are.

  1. Unsuccessful Subscription – Your subscription to the Glo night data plan isn’t successful.
  2. Not Subscribed to Glo Night Data Plan – You do not have an active Glo night plan.
  3. Data Connection is Turned Off – You didn’t turn on your data connection.
  4. Wrong Timing – It is not yet time for the data to be activated.
  5. Expired Data Plan – Your night data plan is expired.
  6. Data Volume is Finished – Your night data plan is exhausted.
  7. Network Problem – Bad or unstable network coverage.

Those are some of the major problems why your Glo night plan is not working. Now, let’s find out the solutions to those problems.

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Glo night plan Not Working – Solution

We’ve earlier discussed the problems that could make your Glo night plan not to work, now what are the solutions to those problems?

  1. Check your Glo night data plan balance to confirm that you’ve received the data volume you paid for.
  2. If you’re using regular data plan before midnight, make sure you turn off your data connection and turn it on again once it’s midnight.
  3. Turn on your data connection. Sometimes when you subscribe to Glo night data plan and your preferred network type is 4G, you’ll need to change it to 3G before it activates.
  4. Since not all Glo night plan starts at the same time, make sure you are turning on your data connection at the right time for any of the Glo night plans you subscribed to.
  5. Check your data balance to know if it is expired or exhausted.
  6. Sometimes, there may be a bad network connection or an outage, so you’ll have to wait until the connection is bad to normal
  7. Reboot your phone
  8. Call the Glo customer care.

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Those are the solutions to the Glo night plan not working. If you’ve implemented all those solutions and it isn’t still working, then visit a nearby Glo office with your Glo line, and lay your complaint.

If you’re among those asking the question, why is my Glo night plan not working, or why is night plan not working on Glo, I believe you’ve gotten the answers you seek.

I hope this post is helpful?

If any of these solutions worked for you, please let me know in the comment section below.


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