Glo Yakata Data Cheat Code 2023 | Get 36GB FREE DATA

This post contains information about Glo Yakata data cheat.

Would you love to get unlimited free data that can be used to browse the internet, download movies, watch YouTube, and scroll through social media?

Then, this post is definitely for you especially if you’re using the Glo line and subscribed to Glo Yakata.

It is no secret that Glo gives tons of data bonuses especially if you’re on the right tariff plan like Glo Yakata. But the problem is that a lot of users may not be able to enjoy those data bonuses to the fullest.

And that’s why I decided to bring you a solution by researching and curating Glo Yakata data cheat.

Yes, this cheat will make you enjoy more free data even more than the regular bonus being given to you by Glo Yakata.

Do you want to know how? Then let’s get started!


About Glo Yakata Data Cheat

Similar to other networks, Glo Nigeria also does promos that let its customers enjoy free data and sometimes reduce the pricing of data bundles and increase the volume drastically.

This usually happens when the company wants to, or just launching new features or a new tariff plan just like this Glo Yakata we are talking about.

When it comes to this query “Data Cheat”, a lot of people get it twisted sometimes.

While searching for something like Glo Yakata data cheat, I would like to let you know it literally has two mean as a Nigerian (Lol).

The first is ” Data Cheat” which simply means using a hack, looking for a leak, or using a VPN to make a data package available for free.

And the second is “Data Promo” which simply means taking advantage of the promotional offer that is in progress in a specific Telecom company. And which the Glo Yakata data cheat is a good example of.

Although, the cheat I’ll be revealing to you may not seem like a promo, because we’re not going to only take advantage of, but maximize the promotional offer by using the most of it to our advantage.

Interesting, right?

Then, how do we do that?

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How to Activate Glo Yakata Data Cheat

Glo Yakata data is a mind-blowing 6GB of data available every month to be unlocked by activating it.

Well, Activating Glo Yakata data cheat is very easy and doesn’t have many requirements.

First of all, you must make sure you are not owing the network any debt. After that, make sure you have at least 100 Naira recharge cards available.

Please note that to completely activate the Glo Yakata data cheat, you must make sure you’re on the Glo Yakata tariff plan.

Yes, this is because the cheat code or cheats will only work and make you eligible for free data on the Glo Yakata tariff plan only.

Then, how do you migrate to Glo Yakata?

How to Migrate to Glo Yakata for Free Data

Just a few years ago, migrating to Glo Yakata is as simple as getting a new Glo SIM, and that is all. This is because Glo Yakata was once the default Glo tariff plan.

But don’t get scared, it is still very easy to migrate to Glo Yakata. This can be done by simply;

  • Dialing *230#

And that’s it, you’re now migrated to the Glo Yakata tariff plan.

Now, what next?

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Glo Yakata Data Cheat Code – How to Get Free Data on Glo

You’ve successfully migrated to the Glo Yakata tariff plan, right?

Well done!

Remember I told you to get at least a 100 Naira airtime standby. Now, recharge your line with 100 Naira or more to unlock some part of the free data.

If you recharge 100 Naira, you’ll be able to unlock just 40MB out of the 6GB monthly free data.

Now, here’s where the cheat comes in. Instead of recharging N100, recharge at least N200 or 1000 Naira if possible, and you’ll get 100% the value of your recharge in data.

That means if you recharge 200 Naira, you’ll get 200MB instead of 80MB, and if you recharge N1000, you’ll get 1GB instead of 400MB. 

That’s cool, right?

Here’s another cool trick.

Since you have 6 months to enjoy this free data, 6GB every month is equivalent to 36GB in 6 months, right?

Now you can maximize your free data by recharging 200 Naira in the first week of the month, and Glo Yakata gives you 2.5X (times) special data bonus higher than normal.

And those are the ways to enjoy more of the Glo Yakata free data.

Who is Eligible for Glo Yakata Free Data

Every Glo customer that is subscribed to the Glo Yakata tariff plan is eligible for the Glo Yakata free data.

How to Check Glo Yakata Free Data Balance

You can check Glo Yakata free data balance by simply dialing *127*0#, and a pop-up stating the data bonus you have left will be displayed on your phone’s screen.

How to check glo yakata data balance

Glo Yakata Data Cheat – FAQ

How do I get free data on Glo Yakata?

You can get free data on Glo Yakata by using the Glo Yakata data cheat method, and tricks to maximize the bonus you get.

What is the cheat code for Glo Yakata free data?

The cheat code for Glo Yakata free data is *230#. This will migrate you to the Glo Yakata tariff plan where you’ll start getting free data on every recharge.


It is no secret that Glo is one of the best network operators in the country when it comes to data both purchased and bonus.

I believe the Glo Yakata data cheat trick that I’ve explained in this post will clear your thoughts, and make you now know how to get free data on Glo Yakata data plan.

Please do not hesitate in dropping any questions you may have concerning this post in the comment box below.

Peace Out!!! 

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