How Many MB is MTN WhatsApp Bundle (Is it UNLIMITED?)

This post explains how many MB is MTN WhatsApp bundle.

Did you subscribe to the MTN WhatsApp Daily plan, and have been using it for hours now and it isn’t showing any sign of exhaustion?

Or it’s the weekly or daily plan you purchased and for days now, you’ve been using it and never gotten a notification that it is about to finish.

Maybe you’re just wondering what volume or amount of data do you get when you subscribed to MTN WhatsApp bundles.

Well, you’re not alone. Come to think of it, is MTN hiding something about the bundle from users? If not, why won’t they reveal the amount of data they give for the WhatsApp bundle!

Well, some people say it is unlimited. Even I myself have asked that question is MTN WhatsApp bundle unlimited?

Since I’ve gotten no answer, I decided to carry out the research on how many MB is MTN WhatsApp bundle.


I believe you can’t wait to see my results.

So, let’s get to understand it.

How Many MB is MTN WhatsApp Monthly Bundle

When it comes to making the MTN WhatsApp subscription, the monthly bundle is the one that most people prefer. Therefore, let’s start from here.

How many MB is MTN WhatsApp monthly bundle?

Well, I would have loved to say 1000MB, but to be sincere, I don’t think there is an actual amount or figure for this monthly plan.

The only answer I can give here is that MTN doesn’t let you know the actual amount of data they are giving you while subscribing. But irrespective of how you use the data, you can never exhaust it.

Yeah, let’s just say it is unlimited.

How Many MB is MTN WhatsApp Weekly Bundle

The MTN weekly WhatsApp bundle is the second most used WhatApp plan on the MTN network. This is because it lasts longer and it is also cheaper compared to the daily plan.

Similar to the monthly bundle, MTN also doesn’t disclose the data volume they give you when you buy the weekly bundle.

Yeah! It is unlimited too. As you can never get it exhausted unless the validity period runs out.

How Many MB is MTN WhatsApp Bundle For Daily Plan

While talking about how many MB you are MTN WhatsApp bundle, the least that comes to people’s minds is the daily plan. This is simply because the validity period is just a day, so subscribers won’t even border themselves to know the balance, since they are still connected to the internet and using the data on WhatsApp without getting any notifications of exhaustion.

However, if you care about how much data MTN gives for the daily WhatsApp bundle, then the answer is the same as the above ones.

Yes, MTN gives you unlimited data when you subscribe to the MTN WhatsApp Daily plan.

Is MTN WhatsApp Bundle Unlimited?

While chatting limitlessly, you probably will wonder if the MTN WhatsApp bundle is unlimited.

Well, since MTN doesn’t disclose the amount of data you get for WhatsApp bundles, and it is never showing signs of finishing if its validity period is still running, I would come to a conclusion that the data bundle is unlimited.

Let’s take the YouTube plan as an example. If you subscribe to the one that lasts just 1 hour, you’ll watch unlimited videos on YouTube for a 1 hour period. So as this WhatsApp bundle too.

I hope I’ve cleared your thoughts now on how many MB is MTN WhatsApp bundle.

If you still have any questions concerning this topic, please feel free to leave them in the comment box below. 


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