How to Activate Paused Glo Data Plan in 2023

This post will show you how to activate paused Glo data plan.

Are you struggling with activating your paused Glo data plan?

You’re not alone!

Recently, they’ve been a lot of lamentations on how to activate the Glo data plan. And the reason why this question is one of the most asked is that the Glo network has a variety of data plans. So, when you subscribe to one (maybe night plan, weekend plan, or Glo social plan), your standard data plan will be paused. Therefore, you’ll need to activate it be for it to work again.

And that’s where things get confusing and difficult.

Well, if you’re among those seeking how to activate Glo paused data plan, then search no further, for you’ve landed on the right page where I’ll offer you all the answers you seek on activating your paused Glo data plan.

Without further ado, let’s get started!


Activating Glo Data Plan

I would have really loved to jump straight into how to activate paused Glo data plan, but for you to better understand, let’s start with some basic things you need to know about a paused Glo data plan.

Like I said earlier, the Glo network has a variety of data plans, so, when you subscribe to one, the network will pause the currently active one. 

For example, say you buy a Glo weekend data plan and you have an active normal data plan already, your normal data plan will be paused through the weekend, making your weekend plan become active.

However, sometimes, when the weekend runs out, and it is time for the normal data plan to be activated, it doesn’t. Yes, your data connection won’t turn on. Even if it did, it won’t connect. And after checking your data balance, you will find out that your normal Glo data plan is still paused.

Of course, that really hurts. In fact, it has happened to me multiple times.

And that’s what motivated me to do in-depth research on how to activate paused Glo data plan.

Reasons Why Paused Glo Data Plan is not yet Activated

There are several reasons why your paused data plan on Glo doesn’t get activated when it’s time for it to do. Here are some.

  • Wrong Timing.
  • Bad or unstable network connection.
  • Validity period is out.
  • Wrong preferred network type.

How to Activate Paused glo data Plan

First of all, here’s a quick trick to get your paused Glo data plan activated.

Once your currently active data plan expires, turn off your data connection, wait for some seconds and turn it back on. This should instantly activate your paused data plan.

Anyways, starting from the first reason here is how to activate paused Glo data plan.

  • Wrong Timing: Sometimes, people make mistakes by trying to use the glo data bundle when it’s not yet time. For instance, if you subscribe to a night plan, and turning on your data connection by 4:50 am in order to activate your paused normal Glo data plan, it definitely won’t get activated because your night plan is not yet expired.
  • Bad or Unstable Network: Sometimes, there may be an outage in the network coverage, so you’ll need to wait for some time before the data gets activated.
  • Validity Period is Out: Check your data balance to confirm if you are still within the validity period of your glo data plan. If the validity period is out, then it’s obvious you cannot get the data plan activated anymore. This usually happens on the weekend plans. Your data plan may have been expired during the weekend without you noticing.
  • Wrong Preferred Network Type: Go to the settings app on your phone, navigate to the Network and internet section, click on Mobile network, and you’ll see what SIM your preferred network type is set to. If it is not Glo, then, change it to Glo.
  • Reboot Your Phone: Sometimes, you’ll need to reboot your phone before the night plans are activated.

Note: If you implement any of these solutions and it didn’t work, then, call the Glo customer care, or visit a nearby Glo office to lay your complaint. I believe they’ll serve you a better answer on how to activate paused night plan on Glo.

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As we all know, Glo, without doubt, is the best network operator in Nigeria when it comes to cheap and exclusive data offers. 

One special thing about their data plan is that they help you automatically pause your data plan when you subscribe to a new one that will expire sooner than the previous one. This feature makes customers enjoy the data there paid for to the fullest respectively.

I believe by now, you should have known how to activate paused Glo data plan.

If you still have any questions concerning this topic, please do not hesitate in dropping them down in the comment box below.

Peace Out!……..

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  1. Thanks for the lecture but I will say that glo should introduce a code with which you can stop Ur forma data and activate it back just like Ur short codes that’s will be nice.

    Second I will also advise glo to work on their data and this what I mean wen you buy glo data from your SME’S and data sales outlet and suddenly someone sent you a call card and you decided to convert it to Glo data to add to the one you have e.g the one you bought from glo sub outlets it will not add to the one you have down rather the new hlo data will stand alone making you to have glo sub running concurrently please work on this too. Thanks


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