How to Activate Pre Activated Glo Data Plan in 2023

This post will show you how to activate pre activated Glo data plan.

Congrats, you’ve successfully subscribed to Glo data plan.

But unfortunately, it seems not to work. Yes, it is not yet activated.

Of course, it feels so annoying when you buy a data plan that ended up not working, and you don’t know why.

Sometimes, it may be that you have an active data plan before you buy the new one, so upon getting the old data plan exhausted, you expect the new one to be activated automatically, but unfortunately, it didn’t.

When this happens, one thought that will be popping up on your mind is, how to activate my pre activated Glo data plan. 

Well, whatever your reasons or thoughts maybe, this post is meant to help you find a way out. In this post, I’ll show you exactly how to activate pre activated Glo data plan.


Are you ready to know how? Then, let’s get started!

Reasons Why Your Glo Data Plan is Not Yet Activated

Before looking at ways to solve problems, we must first look for what the causes of the problems are, I believe you know.

Therefore, what could make your Glo data plan not to work after subscribing?

Well, this comes down to lots of different reasons. Starting from basic to complex, below are some of the reasons that could make your data plan not yet activated.

  1. Bad or unstable network connection.
  2. You are not yet allocated the data bundle you paid for.
  3. You still have a Glo data plan (old one) that is still active and not yet finished.
  4. The preferred network type on your phone is set to your other line.
  5. Wrong Configuration Settings
  6. Your data plan hasn’t gotten to the time it will be activated.
  7. You are trying to use the data in the wrong way.

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How to Activate Pre Activated Glo Data Plan

We’ve talked about the causes of an inactivated Glo data plan. Now, let’s discuss how to activate pre activated Glo data plan.

The solutions listed here goes hand in hand with the problems listed above. That is, for each of the problems listed above, the solution to it is given below.

  1. Off your data connection and turn it on after a minute.
  2. Check your data balance if you’ve gotten the data bundle you paid for. 
  3. Check your data balance to confirm if you still have an old active data plan.
  4. Go to the settings app on your phone, navigate to the Network and internet section, click on Mobile network, and you’ll see what SIM your preferred network type is set to. If it is not Glo, then, change it to Glo.
  5. Check your configuration settings if it is correct, or configure it following the steps below.

*Access Point Name (APN) = Gloflat
*Username = Flat
*Password = Flat

  1. Sometimes people make mistakes. They subscribe to a night data plan on Glo thinking it is the regular data plan. And if it’s not yet midnight, your data won’t be activated. Therefore, check your data balance to confirm what type of data plan you really subscribe to.
  2. Please keep in mind that you cannot use social media data for browsing. Therefore, if you subscribe to any of the Glo social plans, it won’t be active on some apps like browsers, and any other social media apps not listed on the plan.
  3. Reboot your phone while your data is on.
  4. Call the Glo customer care line.
  5. Visit a nearby Glo office to lay a complaint about your data plan not activated.

If you’re seeking how to activate a pre activated Glo data plan, just implement any of the solutions listed above, and your data plan will be activated.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

How do I activate my Glo data plan?

After confirming your subscription, you can activate your Glo data plan by turning on your data connection.

How to activate existing subscription on Glo

If you have an existing subscription on Glo, you can activate it by simply turning on your data connection.


If you’re among those asking how to activate my pre activated Glo data plan, I’m sure you’ve gotten your answers above.

And from now on, you shouldn’t border yourself anymore on how to activate pre activated data plan on Glo.

If you still have any questions concerning this topic, please feel free to drop them in the comment box below.


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