How to Check MTN Data Bonus [Using New Code 2023]

How to Check MTN Data Bonus: Ever been in the middle of something important and suddenly, your data connection stops?

Understanding your data usage, especially your bonuses, can be a game-changer.

With MTN’s range of bonus offerings, you might be sitting on some free data without even realizing it.

In this guide, we’ll break down the nitty-gritty on how to check MTN data bonus and ensure you’re maximizing your data potential.

So, without a waste of time, let’s dive in!

Understanding MTN Data Bonus Offerings

How to Check MTN Data Bonus

MTN is not just Nigeria’s leading telecoms provider for nothing. They roll out various bonuses – from weekend specials to festive offers.


Sometimes, they even drop a surprise bonus. The key is to know the code to check the MTN data bonus and keep tabs on what you have.

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Why Should You Keep Track of Your Data Bonus?

Knowing how much data you have left can make all the difference.

Imagine streaming your favorite show or attending an important online meeting without any interruptions.

  • Better Internet Management: When you know how to check your MTN data bonus balance, you can plan and allocate your usage more efficiently.
  • Avoid Unexpected Costs: Overstepping your data limit can lead to additional charges. By regularly checking your data bonus, you stay in the safe zone.

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Step-by-Step Guide on How to Check MTN Data Bonus

MTN’s data bonus offerings are a real treat for its users. But how do you keep track and know just how much bonus data you have at your disposal?

Let’s look at the detailed ways to check your MTN data bonus, ensuring you never miss out:

Using the USSD Code

Using the USSD code to check MTN data bonus balance is quick, doesn’t require internet access, and works on any mobile phone.

Here’s how to use it:

  • On your mobile device, go to the dial pad.
  • Enter the code to check MTN data bonus: *323#.
  • Press the call or send button.
  • Within seconds, a pop-up message will appear showing your bonus data balance.

Remember, USSD sessions can time out. If you don’t receive a response quickly, it’s a good idea to try again later.

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Via the MTN App

Checking MTN data bonus via the MyMTN App provides a more detailed breakdown of your data.

Plus, the MTN app offers additional functionalities such as data gifting, purchasing, and more.

Here’s how to use this method:

  • Download the MTN app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Register or log in using your MTN number.
  • On the main dashboard, look for a section labeled ‘Data Balance’ or ‘Bonuses’.
  • Click on it, and you’ll see a detailed breakdown, including your MTN data bonus.

Ensure your app is updated regularly. New versions often come with improved functionalities and better user experience.

SMS Method

Checking MTN data bonus via SMS is super simple and doesn’t require internet connectivity.

Here’s how to use it:

  • Open your messaging app.
  • Create a new SMS.
  • Type the number ‘2’ in the message body.
  • Send this message to 312.
  • You’ll promptly receive an SMS detailing your data and bonus data balance.

If you don’t receive an immediate response, it might be due to network delays. Give it a few minutes and consider trying again if you don’t get a reply.

That’s all the working methods. By following these steps, you’ll always be well-informed about your bonus data, ensuring you make the most out of MTN’s offerings.

Checking MTN data bonus has never been easier, so make it a routine to stay updated and optimize your data usage.

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Common Issues While Checking Your Data Bonus on MTN and Troubleshooting

Now, if you’ve tried the ways to check the MTN data bonus and faced some hitches, don’t sweat it. Here’s what you can do:

  • Network Delays: Sometimes, the balance might take a while to display. Be patient, and if it takes too long, try again after a few minutes.
  • Incorrect USSD Code: Ensure you’ve dialed the right MTN data bonus check code. A tiny slip in the numbers can lead to errors.

Additional Tips for Maximizing Your MTN Data Bonus

Knowing how to check balance on MTN data bonus is great, but how about making the most of it?

  • Avoid Heavy Streaming: Bonuses can be limited. For heavy tasks like video streaming or large downloads, it’s better to use your main data.
  • Regularly Check Promotions: MTN often rolls out promotional offers. By frequently checking MTN data bonus balance, you can jump on these deals.

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Code to Check MTN Data Bonus – FAQs

How do I check my MTN data bonus in Nigeria?

Dial the MTN data bonus check code *323# or use the MTN app.

How do I check my MTN bonus expiry date?

Send ‘2’ to 312 or check within the MTN app’s data section.

How do I access my data bonus?

Simply browse; MTN automatically uses your bonus before main data.

What is the new code to check MTN data bonus?

The current popular code is *323#. Always check MTN’s official site for updates.

Does MTN bonus expire?

Yes, MTN data bonuses have expiry dates, usually shown when awarded.


Being in the loop about your MTN data bonus balance can save you a lot of hassle and surprise bills.

It’s simple, quick, and with the multiple ways to check MTN data bonus, you’ll always be in the know.

So, next time you’re wondering how to check your MTN data bonus or how to know your MTN data bonus, you know what to do.

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