How to Check MTN Number 2022 (5 Fast & Easy Ways)

This is a complete guide on how to check your MTN number.

While it may seem awkward when you forget your own number at the point when you need it the most, asking someone close to you at the moment may also seem intimidating.

Different thoughts like how to check MTN number, What is the code to check MTN number, USSD code to check MTN fast, and so on is what will be popping up on your mind in such a situation.

And that is one of the reasons MTN is the number 1 operator in the country. MTN has made it very for its subscribers to check their number in many different ways without any stress.

And those ways are what we are going to discuss in this post.

Are you ready? Then, let’s get started.

Checking MTN Number

MTN is one of the largest network providers in Nigeria, and the network makes it very easy for users to know their number by providing multiple ways to do that.

With the tremendous use of Multiple SIM card phones in Nigerian, a lot of people are compelled to use more than one and even up to four SIMs due to one reason or the other. 

Keeping all these SIM numbers in your brain can be complicated. Why would you even want to do that when checking your MTN number is as easy as following any of the methods explained below.

How to Check MTN Number

You can check your MTN number by simply dialing *123# > Select  (Account Info) > Select 1 (My Number), and your number MTN will be displayed instantly on your screen.

Copy or write down the number so that you won’t forget it.

Code to Check MTN Number?

The code to check your MTN number is *663#, and your number will be revealed to you instantly.

On your mobile phone screen, you will see a pop up containing your MTN number which says, “Y’ello! Your mobile number is xxxxxxxx”. 

Do not forget to copy or jot down the number.

How to Check MTN Number Via SMS

SMS (text message) is another way to check your MTN number.

However, it is quite unfortunate that there is no official code to request your number on the MTN network. If there’d been, I would have said “Type ‘My Number’ or ‘Reveal My Number’ and send it to XYZ”.

But I’m sorry to disappoint you, that doesn’t exist.

If don’t believe me and you are still keen to find out a way to check your MTN number via SMS, I’m glad to tell you there are.

You can check your MTN number via SMS by sending a text message to your friend’s phone, then jot down the number that sent the message once it delivers. That’s your number. It cost 4 Naira only.

Another way to check your MTN number via SMS is by sending a Call Me Back Message.

You can do that by simply dialing *133# then input the number close to you that you want to send the call me back message to.

For example, if your friend’s number is 08020000000, just dial *133#, then reply with 08020000000 and click OK.

Once the message delivers, check the person’s phone and open the message he/she just received. If it’s from you, then your MTN number will be shown together with the “call me back” message. You can copy or write down the number.

How to Check MTN Number Calling Customer Care

Similar to checking your number on Airtel, you cannot call specified digits and instantly hear a robotic voice calling out your number, only Glo has that feature.

However, with MTN, you’ll need to call the customer care line.

Here’s how.

  • Dial 180 and call with your MTN line.
  • Follow the prompt by pressing the option that says “Speak to a customer care representative”.
  • Once the call connects, tell the representative that you want to to know your number.
  • Answer some security questions and state your reasons for this request.
  • Once that is done, the representative will call out your number.

Take note that you’ll need to have a pen and paper with you so that you could write down the number for the representative may not repeat his/herself

How to Check MTN Number on Another Phone

This is by far the easiest way to check your MTN number as you only need another phone then use the MTN line in question to call or flash the line on the other phone.

For example; Get a friend’s phone, and call (flash) his/her line with your own MTN line, then take a pen and paper and write your MTN number down from your friend’s phone.

However, the only downside here is that you can’t use this method if you don’t have a sufficient airtime balance that could make a call or flash other lines on your MTN line.

Another way to know what your MTN number is on another phone is by sending a call me back message to your friend or someone nearby. I’ve explained how to do that earlier in this post. Just scroll back up if you missed it.

And that’s how to check MTN number on another phone. So, what’s next?

(Bonus) How to Check Your MTN Number Without Phone

It’s a prank!

Lol! I’m just kidding!

Although it seems untrue, it is possible. Yes, it is possible to check or know your MTN number without a phone and without inserting your SIM in a phone. You can do this by checking your MTN SIM pack.

Your SIM pack is that card that looks like an ATM card. In other words, it is that card that your MTN SIM was stuck to the day you bought it new.

Do you still have it?! Congrats! Then, just check the back of it and you’ll find your MTN number. If you couldn’t find it, I’m sorry this method won’t work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Checking Your MTN Number

Can I know my MTN Number?

Yes, you can. In fact, there are more than 5 ways to know your MTN number, and some of them are listed above.

How do I know my MTN Number on my phone?

Simply call *133# > Select 1 > Select 1 to know your MTN number on your phone. Upon dialing this code, you’ll see your MTN number displayed on your screen.

How can I see my MTN Number?

You can see your MTN number by simply dialing *663# and your number will pop up on your screen.

Write it down and keep it safe for future purposes.

Short code to check MTN Number

*123*1*1# is the short code to check your MTN number. After dialing this, your MTN number will be displayed on your mobile phone’s screen.

You can copy the number, screenshot it, or write it down on a sheet of paper so that you won’t forget it.


Whether you’re searching for how to check MTN number using USSD, SMS, online, or any other methods (you just name it), I believe by now you’ll have gotten an answer.

Even the code to check MTN number and the short code to check MTN number are not exceptions in this post. So, if you’re searching for that too, I guess you’ve gotten the answers.

I hope you found this content helpful?! If so, drop a comment below to help it show up to others who also need it.

More so, if you have any questions concerning this guide, please drop them in the comment box below.


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