How to Convert MTN Bonus to Data 2023 [Fast & Easy]

Has MTN been giving you airtime bonuses over and over and over again that you can’t use it all for calls, and thinking on how to convert the bonus to data?

Then, you’re now thinking about how to convert MTN bonus to data. You just landed on the right page where I’ll walk you through everything you need to know on how to convert bonus to data on MTN.

Not only that, but I’ll also brief you on how to convert MTN YouTube bonus to data.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!


How to Convert MTN Bonus to Data

As some people may have told you, how to convert MTN bonus to data is very easy. Well, they may be right, but they’re just telling you beautiful lies.

If MTN wants to give you a data bonus, they’ll give it to you free of charge, but the airtime bonus that they’ve given to you is just to make calls only or send messages if possible.

However, they are some ways that people thought you can use to convert MTN bonus to data.

Here are they;

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Via USSD Code

Code to convert MTN bonus into data!

Is it possible?

I know you’ll be expecting me to say just dial *!!!!# and your airtime bonus will be instantly converted into data.

I’m sorry to disappoint you that there is no USSD code to perform this transaction.

Since there’s no USSD code for this action, let’s see if customer care can help.

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Via Customer Care Line

How to convert MTN bonus to data is one of the most searched queries on the web, and if people are not thinking it is possible, they wouldn’t have searched it in the first place.

However, calling the MTN 180 customer care line isn’t a solution here, as they’ll tell you it is not possible.

As a matter of fact, I called and spoke to an MTN customer care representative for the purpose of this article.

I asked him if I can convert my MTN bonus to data, and he replied as expected. He told me that I cannot convert my MTN airtime bonus into data.

He also further explained that airtime bonuses are meant for calls and SMS depending on the type, and data bonuses are meant for browsing. Therefore, it is impossible to convert airtime bonus to data or data bonus to airtime on MTN.

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Go to the message app on your phone and create a new message in this format; “Convert My Airtime Bonus” and send to …….

How to convert MTN bonus to data

Lol, I was just kidding!

If the customer care has confirmed it is not possible, then it is not possible to convert MTN bonus to data via SMS.

Therefore, if you’re among those asking how to convert MTN airtime bonus to data via SMS, I’m glad to tell you that IT IS NOT POSSIBLE!

But wait! Since the internet has made life easier, the MTN mobile App or website should be able to do this.

Let’s see!

Via MTN App and Online

Of course, life has been easier with being able to grab your smartphone, go to play store, download the MTN mobile app, log in to your dashboard, and start enjoying the self-care features the app offers.

However, you can use MTN mobile app to do lots of things very fast and easily. But when it comes to converting your bonus into data, it is not possible.

Therefore, if you’re looking for how to convert MTN bonus to data online, I’m sorry MTN mobile app and website do not offer such service.

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How to Convert MTN YouTube Bonus to Data

How about enjoying more browsing on MTN by converting MTN YouTube bonus to data?

That’s cool, right?

But unfortunately, it is not possible. Yes, you cannot convert MTN YouTube bonus into data, for YouTube bonus is meant to be used only on YouTube.

MTN Bonus to Data – FAQs

Can I convert airtime bonus to data on MTN?

NO! You cannot convert your airtime bonus to data on MTN. This is because airtime bonus is for calls and SMS and data bonus is for browsing.

How do I convert data bonus to data on MTN?

Your data bonus is automatically converted to browsing data for you by MTN, that is why it is called “Data Bonus”. You can use it to browse, download movies and do whatever you want to do online.

How do I convert my MTN credit bonus to data?

You can directly use you airtime or credit bonus to browse as data on some MTN tariff plans. Also, you can use your credit or airtime bonus to make calls and send messages.


It would have been good if MTN can let you convert your airtime bonus to data, or show you how to convert bonus to data on MTN. But it is unfortunate that it can’t be done.

I have taken my time to do original research by calling customer care like asking them how to convert MTN bonus to data, I check the MTN App, searched for an SMS code before coming out with this result that I’ve walked you through in this post.

I hope you find this post helpful? Then, let me know in the comment box below.


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