How to Convert Night Data into Day Data on Airtel 2023

Do you have a lot of night data bonus but couldn’t use it all at night, and is about to expire?

Or, you mistakenly subscribed to the Airtel night plan, instead of your normal daily data plan. Now, do you want to convert it to a daytime data bundle?

Those two are just a few of the reasons why people search for how to convert night data into day data in Airtel.

Well, whatever your reasons may be, it really gets annoying when you have a lot of night data on your line and you can’t use it to your satisfaction because it can only be used at night.


More so, when you don’t have an active data plan and also don’t have enough money to buy one, seeing that you have a night data bundle that you can’t use at the time you really need it can be heartbreaking.

In this situation, many people will be thinking of and finding a way to convert their night data so as to may use it during the daytime.

Is that possible?

Keep reading to find out.

How to Convert Airtel Night Data to Day Data

Now, answering your question on how to convert night data into day data on Airtel.

I know many people will be expecting me to say something like; “You can convert Airtel night data into day data by simply dialing *ABCD#”.

I’d loved to say that too, but unfortunately, the Airtel network doesn’t have a code that could let you convert your night data into day data.

Moving on, not too long ago, I heard from someone that you can convert Airtel night data into day data by sending SMS to Airtel, requesting data conversion.

Is that possible?

Well, I did more research on that. Guess what? I found out another way that people say it really works.

First of all, let’s talk about the SMS method. You can convert night data into day data in Airtel by texting “Night to Day Data Conversion” to Airtel.

This is according to people. But when I tried it, nothing worked. In fact, I didn’t get any reply from Airtel, and my night data is still available as night data.

The second method I found out is calling Airtel customer care. Did it work?

Unfortunately, it didn’t. Of course, I called Airtel customer care and tender my request. Then the agent told me I can only use night data at midnight, and it can’t be converted to day data.

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With that answer, I know that legally, it is not possible to convert night data into day data on Airtel.

What about using tricks or cheats?

How to Use Night Data During the Day on Airtel

With a lot of people constantly finding loopholes in all these Nigerian network operators, there should be cheat or tricks that could let you use Airtel night data during the day.

Well, I went on in-depth research on how to use Airtel night data in the daytime. In fact, I did my research to the point where I found this answer.

The answer goes like this; “You can use night data at day time by simply turning on Dark Mode or Dark Theme on your phone”.

This is crazy, right?

Of course, I went on to try the trick. But unfortunately, it didn’t work.

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Therefore, if you’re among those looking for how to convert Airtel night data into day data, or how to use night data during the day on Airtel using cheats, or tricking the system, I am sorry to tell you that there’s no solution to your question.

I believe this post has been able to clear your thoughts on how to convert night data into day data in Airtel.

If you still have any questions concerning this topic, kindly use the comment box, I’ll be really glad to help.

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