How to Migrate to Airtel Smart Recharge | Airtel 10X Bonus Code 2023

This post contains information about the Airtel Smart Recharge Code.

Do you want to call anyhow, stream anyhow, and download anyhow? Then, you must really be interested to see how to migrate to Airtel Smart Recharge where you can enjoy all these benefits.

This plan/offer is not yet popular, and just a few Airtel customers know about it. But, if you’re privileged to know about it, then you’re really lucky.

Therefore, if you want to know more about this offer, how to activate it, its benefits, call rate, and data bonuses that come with it, just keep reading for I’ll show you everything you need to know about the Airtel SmartRecharge offer.

If you’re ready, then take a seat, and let’s explore this page together.

About Airtel Smart Recharge

Airtel SmartRecharge is an exclusive offer introduced by the Airtel network to delight customers with at least 10 times (10X) the value of their airtime when they recharge their Airtel lines with the designated SmartRecharge code.


This simply means when you recharge your Airtel line with the special Smart Recharge code, you’ll get 1000% of the amount you recharge as a bonus to use on calls and data to browse.

The 10X bonus you’ll get when you use the Airtel Smart Recharge code, in other words, the Airtel 10X bonus code to recharge your line is divided into a 500% airtime bonus and a 500% data bonus.

For example, if you recharge your line with N100 using the Airtel Smart Recharge code, you’ll get N500 to call all local networks in Nigeria, and N500 for data to browse the internet.

More so, in addition to your 10X value, you’ll get an EXTRA DATA VALUE on N500 and N1000 recharge.

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How to Migrate to Airtel Smart Recharge

Airtel Smart Recharge is not a tariff plan you can migrate to, instead, it is a bonus offer and bundle that can be activated by simply recharging your line with *220*Recharge Card PIN#.

Once you recharge your Airtel line with that special code, you’ll get a 1000% bonus which comprises a 500% airtime bonus and a 500% data bonus.

Please keep in mind that if you recharge your line with the normal *126*Pin#, you’ll not get this bonus.

More so, only prepaid Airtel customers can enjoy this offer. Therefore, if a postpaid customer recharges their line with is special code, they’ll get an error message.

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Airtel Smart Recharge Call Rate

I believe you’ve known how to migrate to Airtel Smart Recharge, now, let’s see how much a second of call costs when you’re being charged from your SmartRecharge account.

After activating the Airtel SmartRecharge code to get a bonus, you’ll be charged 83.33kobo per second or N50 per minute from your bonus account.

  • 83.33kobo/sec or ₦50/min

Now, how long would N100 airtime last if you use it for calls with the SmartRecharge offer.


  • N100 = N500 on SmartRecharge.
  • 83.33k × 60 seconds = N50.00k
  • Therefore, with ₦100 airtime, you’ll get 500/50 = 10 minutes.

Keep in mind that when you exhaust your Airtel SmartRecharge bundle bonus, you’ll be charged from your main account at the standard call rate of your current tariff plan.

For example, if you’re on the Airtel Smart Talk tariff plan, you’ll be charged 11kobo/sec, and if you’re currently on the Airtel Freedom Plan, you’ll be charged 12kobo/sec.

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Airtel Smart Recharge Data Bonus

The Airtel SmartRecharge 1000% bonus comprises 500% to browse the internet scrolling through social media, downloading movies and large files online, and streaming videos online.

Now, how much will you be charged per MB from your SmartRecharge data bundle account?

  • ₦20/MB

N20 per Megabyte is what you’ll be charged for browsing from your Airtel SmartRecharge data bundle balance.

For example, if you recharge N100 using the Airtel 10X bonus code, you’ll get N500 which is equivalent to 25MB worth of data.

Airtel Smart Recharge Benefits

You shouldn’t be here only to know how to migrate to Airtel Smart Recharge, you should also take away some benefits of the offer too. Here are some below.

  • 500% Airtime Bonus on every recharge.
  • 500% Data Bonus on every recharge.
  • An extra data value on recharge of N500 and N1000.
  • You can access this offer unlimited times.
  • The bundle has a roll-over feature.

How to Check Airtel Smart Recharge Balance?

You can check your Airtel Smart Recharge balance by simply dialing *310#, and your data and airtime balance will be displayed on your screen.

Airtel SmartRecharge – FAQs

What is the meaning of smart recharge?

The Airtel Smart Recharge is simply an offer that gives you a 1000% bonus on every recharge when you use the Airtel 10X recharge code.

What is the code for Airtel smart recharge?

The code for Airtel Smart Recharge is *220*PIN#, and you’ll be given 10 times bonus instantly.

What is Airtel 10X bonus code?

The Airtel 10 times recharge code is *220*PIN#, and you’ll be given a 1000% bonus instantly.


Among all the Airtel plans that give a bonus on every recharge, the SmartRecharge offer is definitely a very good one to try out now.

By now, I believe you should know how to migrate to Airtel Smart Recharge now, and how you can activate the Airtel Smart Recharge code, or Airtel 10X bonus code.

Do you still have any other questions? Then feel free to drop them down in the comments box below.


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