How to Migrate to Airtel Smart Talk 2023 | Bonuses & Cheap Calls

This post contains information on How to Migrate to Airtel Smart Talk.

Are you tired of the current tariff plan you are on? Maybe the rate it charges for airtime is too much or it doesn’t give any form of bonus whether data bonus or airtime bonus.

These are the major reasons why people think of switching tariff plans, especially on the Airtel network. Of course, it doesn’t make any sense to spend a huge amount of money in buying airtime data gets exhausted in a blink of an eye.

Just imagine you recharge your line with 1000 Naira airtime, and the whole 1k gets swept off with just 7 minutes of a call.

That’s not very cool, right?

Why don’t you just switch to the Airtel Smart Talk tariff plan that let you make calls at a very very cheap rate and also send SMS at a cheap rate too?

That’s amazing, right?


Just keep reading, for, in this post, I’ll show you exactly how to migrate to Airtel Smart Talk tariff plan and start enjoying calls at 11 Kobo per second. Not only that, but I’ll also show you the benefits of this plan and lots more. 

Without wasting time, let’s dive straight in!

About Airtel Smart Talk

The Airtel Smart Talk is an exclusive tariff plan launched by the Airtel network so that customers can make calls without worrying too much about their airtime getting exhausted.

This plan allows all Airtel prepaid customers to call all local networks at just 11k/sec and also make international calls at 20k/sec with just N7 daily access.

Breaking it down, when you migrate to the Airtel Smart Talk tariff plan, at the first second of your call every day, you’ll pay an access fee of 7 Naira. This access fee will serve as a pass for you to be able to call all local networks such as MTN, Glo, and 9mobile at just 11 kobo per second.

And if you have friends and family abroad, still with the 7 Naira daily access fee, you can communicate with them at just 20 kobo per second.

Please note that the N7 access fee will not be charged on the days you don’t make calls.

Moving further, unlike other tariff plans that charge N20 for every SMS sent, the Airtel Smart Talk charge on N4/SMS.

Now, you see that this tariff plan is definitely worth using. Let’s see how to migrate to Airtel Smart Talk tariff plan, and also how to activate the Airtel Smart Talk code.

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How to Migrate to Airtel Smart Talk

You can migrate to the Airtel Smart Talk tariff plan by simply dialing *315#, start making calls at a cheap rate of 11k/sec, and also enjoy all other awuf bonuses that come with the plan.

Alternatively, you can also migrate from any tariff plan on the Airtel network to the Airtel Smart Talk plan by simply following the steps below.

  • Simply dial *121#
  • Reply with 5 – Billing and Tariff.
  • Reply with 3 – Smart Talk & 11k (N7 Access fee).
  • Click done/ok.

That’s all, you have successfully migrated to the Airtel SmartTalk tariff plan. You can now start enjoying calls at 11k per second locally, and 20k per second internationally.

Let’s talk a look at more benefits of Airtel Smart Talk tariff plan. 

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Benefits of Airtel Smart Talk

Below are some other Airtel Smart Talk benefits.

  • Make local calls at 11 kobo per second.
  • International calls to the USA, Canada, China, India, and the UK at 20 kobo per second.
  • Send messages within Nigeria at just N4 per SMS.
  • International messages at N15 per SMS.
  • The access fee will not be charged any day you don’t make calls.
  • This plan is available for both new and old prepaid customers on the Airtel network.
  • Exclusive offers that you can’t get on other tariff plans will be sent to you via SMS regularly (e.g, Airtel Smart Talk data bundles).

If you’re seeking the Airtel Smart Talk benefits, there you have it all above.

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Smart Talk Call Rate

The Airtel SmartTalk call rate is 11k per second. Bear in mind that a daily access fee of N7 will be charged on the first second of your call.

Let’s break it down. Say you have N100 on the main account balance on your Airtel line, here’s how it goes.

  • Daily Access fee = N7 (100 – 7 = N93 left).
  • 11 kobo X 60 seconds = N6.6k
  • Now, 93/6.6 = 14.090
  • Therefore, with N100, you can make calls of approximately 14 minutes on the Airtel Smart Talk tariff plan.

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More About This Tariff Plan

This tariff plan is currently one of the best on the Airtel network, and it is available for all prepaid customers both new and old.

I want to emphasize more on the call rate of the plan, so, understand that all calls are charged at 11k/sec across all local Networks at a daily access fee of N5.

However, only subscribers with a minimum of N5 Main Account balance would be able to initiate 1st call of the day (on-net/off-net). This does not apply to subscribers with valid voice bundles like Talk More, Premier Connect, WeekendMAX EXTRA, etc.


When it comes to call rates, we all know that the Airtel network is not an organization that can be left aside, as its variety of tariff plans offers one of the best call services in the country.

I believe by now, how to migrate to Airtel Smart Talk shouldn’t be a problem. This is because I’ve shown you the code for Airtel Smart Talk, and also how to activate the Airtel Smart Talk code.

Peace Out!

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