How to Unshare Data on Airtel 2023 [Know who is Sharing]

I believe you’re searching for how to unshare data on Airtel.

Hurray! I’ve got the answer you seek. In this post, I’ll explain to you everything you need to know about unsharing your airtel data subscription.

If your data get exhausted too fast, and you found out it’s due to data sharing, then keep reading for you’ll also find out how to know who is sharing your airtel data.

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Unsharing Data on Airtel

Unsharing your data when you think people are sharing it is a very wise way to cut your data cost.

And I’m sure that’s what led to the thought of “How to unshare data on Airtel”. Well, this is one of the most asked questions that got little to no answer from people around you.


This is because even the big brainers have dialed a lot of USSD code and even send something like “UNSHARE ME” to Airtel but doesn’t seem to work.

Yes! There’s a sharing feature (“Gifting & Sharing” to be precise) on the Airtel network. But unlike Glo, there isn’t an “Unshare” feature.

If Airtel doesn’t have that feature, then how do you unshare your data?

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How to Unshare Data on Airtel

Similar to MTN data unshare, Airtel neither allows you to share nor unshare data. However, you can only transfer data on Airtel by gifting or using the Airtel Me2U feature.

Note: Airtel data share service is to gift data only, not like Glo data share where two or more people can be using a data bundle simultaneously.

Wait, don’t go away yet, for there’s still more I believe you don’t know yet about unshare data on Airtel.

Code to Unshare Data on Airtel

To unshare your data with someone else on Airtel, simply navigate to the message app on your phone and text DEL + SHARER’S NUMBER to ……

Unfortunately, I found out it won’t work, because you’re not even sharing your data with anyone in the first place.

Some people may tell you to use the Airtel app, visit their website, send a text message to 121 or even call their customer care line. But sincerely none of this can get you the solution.

But if someone is sharing your data, how can you know?

Code to Know Who is Sharing Your Airtel Data

Simply dial *++–# or send ‘List’ to ++–. 🙄

That’s what I would have said is there is currently an official code to do that. But unfortunately, there is no code that can let you know who is sharing your data on Airtel at the moment.

Oh yes! That code doesn’t exist. Since you do not have permission to share data on Airtel, someone cannot share it. Therefore, you can’t find the number sharing your data even if you call customer care or use the Airtel Mobile App.

So, if you’re among those seeking answer to the question; how to know who is sharing my data on Airtel, there you have the simple answer above.

How to Unshare Data on Airtel Without Knowing the Number

If you’re seeking how to unshare data on Airtel without knowing the number, don’t get deceived by any person telling you that it is possible.

Because, in the first place, you cannot share your Airtel data, so, how do you expect to unshare it, not to even talk of unsharing with numbers you don’t know.

Frequently Asked Questions about Airtel Data Sharing

How do I stop Airtel data sharing?

Since Airtel doesn’t have the share data feature in the as other network providers like Glo do, I sharing data on Airtel is not possible, so as unsharing it too.

Instead, you can only transfer or gift your data using the Me2U feature if you want to give away data to friends and family.

How do I know if my Airtel data is shared?

If your Airtel data gets exhausted too fast, it’s not due to it being shared.

Just keep that in mind for you cannot share data on Airtel as you can on Glo.

What is the code of sharing data on Airtel?

There is a code to transfer or gift data from Airtel to another Airtel line, but there is no code to share it as you can do on Glo.

That means instead of sharing your data the way Glo users do (which is not possible on the Airtel network), you can just transfer a calculated volume of data.

How can I check Airtel shared data list?

There is no code or any working way to check the list of the numbers sharing your data on Airtel.

How do I know if someone shared my data on Airtel?

Airtel doesn’t allow you to share data with someone like Glo, so there’s no one that can share your Airtel data with you.


If you’re looking for how to unshare your data on Airtel because your data gets eaten up too quickly. 

Then, I’m glad to tell you that nobody is sharing your data. 

That’s why I decided to come up with this post to enlighten you on how to unshare data on Airtel. And I believe by now, if you’re looking for code to unshare data on Airtel and how to know who is sharing your Airtel data, you would have gotten a lot of knowledge on the topic.

If you have any questions concerning this how to unshare data on Airtel, feel free to drop them in the comment box below. I’m always ready to help.

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