How to Link NIN to Glo Line 2023: 4 Quick & Easy Ways

Ever found yourself at a loss on how to link your NIN to Glo? Worry no more!

Networkwayout has put together this comprehensive guide to not only help you understand the steps involved but also to make the process seamless.

If you’ve been grappling with questions like ‘how to link my NIN to my Glo number’, or ‘how to link NIN to Glo after being blocked’, you’ve landed on the right page.

So, without a waste of time, let’s dive in and demystify this process together.

What is NIN?

National Identification Number (NIN) is a set of unique eleven-digit numbers assigned to individuals upon successful completion of their enrollment by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC). It’s more than just a number; it’s your identity!

In this digital era where Glo and other telecoms players dominate, the NIN plays a pivotal role. It’s the definitive link between your Glo line and your unique identity, as recognized by the Nigerian government.


Not only does it enhance the security of your line, but it also facilitates numerous services that require identification.

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How to Get Your NIN

You might find yourself thinking, “How do I even get my NIN?” Or perhaps you have one, but it’s lost in the maze of your documents. Well, it’s time to untangle that knot and step into the clear.

Firstly, if you’re a newcomer to the NIN landscape, you’ll need to register with the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC). They manage the process of acquiring a new NIN, and it’s quite straightforward.

To do this, you’ll need to visit one of the NIMC centres and follow their guided procedure, which includes capturing your biometrics and filling in your personal details. Remember to carry any relevant identification documents!

On the other hand, if you’ve registered but your NIN is lost or forgotten, there’s a quick fix.

Dial *346# on the mobile number associated with your registration, and voila! Your NIN will appear on your screen. You can also visit the NIMC portal to retrieve your lost NIN.

Now, with your NIN in hand, you’re ready to face the next challenge: linking it with your Glo number.

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How to Link NIN to Glo in 2023

Link NIN to Glo

Unfamiliar with phrases like ‘Glo NIN registration’, ‘Glo NIN link code’, or ‘how to register NIN on Glo’? No worries. You’re about to become an expert. There are three paths you can take to link your NIN to your Glo line, each as navigable as the next.

1. The USSD Method: NIN Code for Glo

Dial the ‘*109#’ Glo NIN code on your Glo line. After a few prompts, you’ll enter your NIN and confirm it.

This route is perfect for those who love the simplicity and convenience of USSD codes.

2. The SMS Method: MTN NIN Message

If you prefer the ease of texting, the SMS method will sit well with you. Here’s what you need to do.

Send an SMS with the text ‘UPDATENIN’ followed by your 11-digit NIN number, FirstName and LastName to 109. For instance, if your NIN is 31045678901, text ‘UPDATENIN 31045678901 Ola Chidi Adamu’ to 109.

This method is quick, and you can use it to solve any ‘how to link my NIN to my MTN number’ or ‘how to link NIN to MTN after being blocked’ issues you might encounter.

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3. The Online Method: Glo NIN Registration Portal

Perhaps you’re more at home with the internet. Then, this path is for you.

All you just need to do is visit the Glo Online Self-service portal and navigate to the NIN linking section. Follow the prompts to input your NIN, and in no time, you’ll have completed the process.

This option is great for those who prefer to see the visual cues on the screen.

4. The In-Person Method: Glo Stores

Maybe you prefer a face-to-face interaction. Glo’s got you covered. Carry your NIN and a valid ID card, and visit the nearest Glo store. The store representatives will guide you through the Glo NIN registration.

Regardless of the path you choose, remember to verify the process by using the ‘code to link NIN to Glo’. This way, you’ll be sure you’ve successfully linked your NIN to your Glo line.

You’ll then be ready to tackle any scenario, whether it’s ‘how to link my NIN to my Glo number’ or ‘how to link NIN to Glo after being blocked’.

Consequences of Not Linking NIN to Glo

If you’re wondering what could happen if you don’t link your NIN to your Glo line, let’s just say it’s better not to find out.

The Nigerian government, in an effort to enhance security and curb illicit telecom activities, may block unlinked lines. So, it’s essential to complete your Glo NIN registration sooner rather than later.

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Linking NIN to Glo – FAQs

In this section, we’ll address common queries like ‘how to link NIN to Glo line’, ‘how to link Glo SIM with NIN’, ‘Glo NIN registration’, ‘how to link NIN to Glo after being blocked’, ‘Glo NIN registration code’, and ‘code for linking NIN to Glo’. Remember, no question is too small when it comes to safeguarding your digital identity!

How do I link my Glo number to my NIN?

To link your Glo number to your NIN, use the Glo NIN code ‘*109#’ or visit an Glo store.

What can I use to link my NIN on Glo?

You can use USSD codes, the Glo online portal, or in-person service at an Glo store to link your NIN on Glo.

Can I link my NIN to another person number?

No, NIN is personal. It can’t be linked to another person’s number. Always protect your NIN!

How can I know if my NIN is validated?

To confirm if your NIN is validated, dial ‘*346#’. If it displays your NIN, it’s valid.

How many months does it take for NIN to be validated?

The validation of your NIN typically happens instantly, or at most within a few days after registration.

How do you check if my NIN has been linked to my Glo number?

Use the ‘code to link NIN to Glo’, ‘*109#’, to verify if your NIN is linked to your Glo number.

How many Glo SIM can I register with my NIN?

As per NIMC policy, there’s no limit to how many Glo SIMs you can register with your NIN.


To wrap it up, linking your NIN to your Glo line is not as daunting as it may initially seem. With this guide at your fingertips, the Glo NIN registration should be a breeze. Remember, the sooner you complete this process, the safer your line will be.

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