MTN 300 for 1GB Code for 7 Days & Eligibility 2023 [UPDATED]

Have you heard or come across the new MTN data plan in town that gives you a whopping 1GB data volume for just 300 Naira?

With the likes of the MTN cheat data plans like SUPER DATA OFFER, TOPDEAL4ME, DATA4ME, and the MTN QUICK WIN DATA OFFER, it shouldn’t be surprising to see more cheap data plans on MTN.

So, if you’ve heard about the MTN 300 for 1GB data plan before, what landed you on this post is probably how to subscribe to it.

If that’s your case, then keep reading as I’ll show you the exact MTN 300 for 1GB code for 7 days, and how to activate the code.

More so, you’ll also discover how to be eligible for the MTN 1GB for N300, how to long it last, how to check your balance after subscribing, and lots more.

Without wasting our time, let’s get started!

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About MTN 300 for 1GB Data Plan

The MTN 300 for 1GB data bundle is an exclusively cheap data plan that gives you one gigabyte (1GB) browsing data volume for just a cheap price of 300 Naira.

This plan is available to be subscribed to, activated, and enjoyed by all MTN customers, as you do not need to migrate from one tariff plan to another.

More so, you don’t need any tunneling or downloading any VPN app to activate this plan, as it is not a data cheat.

The MTN 1GB for N300 data bundle is neither a weekend data plan nor a night data plan, as it can be used at any day of the week, and any time of the day.

However, it can only be used to stream, watch and download videos on YouTube, and surf social media such as Facebook, and Instagram, because it is a social bundle.

That simply means this plan is meant especially for social media geeks, and those who love streaming videos on YouTube, as the data won’t work on Chrome and other browsers.

But, getting a cheap data plan that can download videos on YouTube, and also surf some social media platforms is amazing, isn’t it?

So, let’s see how to subscribe to MTN 300 Naira for 1GB now.

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How to Activate MTN 300 for 1GB Code

To activate the MTN 300 for 1GB code, make sure that you have a sufficient airtime balance on your MTN line, then dial *312*3*9#, reply with 2 – 1GB for N300 (7 days), and then proceed to subscribe to the plan.

MTN 300 for 1GB code

That’s it, once done as instructed, you’ll be charged N300 from your main airtime balance, and receive 1GB (1024MB) instantly.

Note: This plan is only active on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, and cannot be used on any other platforms like Chrome.

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MTN 1GB for N300 Code Activation

You can activate the MTN 1GB for N300 code by simply following the step-by-step guide below.

  • Navigate to the dialer app on your phone. 
  • Dial *312#
  • Select option 3 – Social Bundles
  • Select the option for “Social Mega Bundle”
  • Reply with 2 – 1GB for N300 (7 Days)
  • Then, proceed to subscribe to the plan.

That’s simply the code for MTN 300 for 1GB data plan. Once activated, 300 Naira will be deducted from your MTN line main balance, and you’ll be given 1GB worth of data.

So, make sure that you have at least N300 pre-loaded on your MTN line before dialing the code to subscribe.

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How to Be Eligible for MTN 300 for 1GB

Like I said earlier, the MTN 1GB for N300 code can be activated on all MTN SIM cards irrespective of your tariff plan or SIM type whether 2G, 3G, or 4G.

That simply means all MTN customers both new and old, can enjoy the MTN data plan 300 for 1GB without using VPN, or switching tariff plans.

All you just need to get the plan activated is a working MTN SIM, and a sufficient airtime balance of at least N300 in the main balance of your line, and you’re good to go.

Keep in mind that this plan is a social plan, and doesn’t work on all platforms. So, be sure about it before subscribing.

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MTN 1GB for 300 Data Validity Period

You definitely should be worried about data plans like this, because if data bundles are too cheap, their validity period may be very short.

So, how long does MTN 300 for 1GB last?

Well, the MTN 300 Naira for 1GB is a weekly data bundle that lasts for a day of 7 days.

That means we can refer to this data plan code as the MTN 300 for 1GB code for 7 days, as you have enough time (a week) to enjoy the 1024MB data volume.

How to Check MTN Data Plan 300 for 1GB Balance

You definitely must be willing to know how to check your data balance for a plan like this. This is because you would want to confirm if you truly received the data, and also would want to monitor how you use it.

So, to check your MTN N300 for 1GB data bundle balance, all you need is to do is navigate to the dialer app on your phone and dial *312*4#.

Once dialed, a pop-up containing information about your data balance will show up on your screen, after which you’ll receive a notification message from MTN telling you the data volume you have left on your 1GB bundle, as well as the validity period left.

MTN 300 for 1GB Data Plan – FAQs

Which MTN plan gives 1GB for 300 Naira?

The MTN plan that gives 1GB for 300 Naira is the MTN Mega Social Bundle.

How can I get 1GB for 300 on MTN Valid for 7 days?

You can get 1GB for 300 on MTN valid for 7 days by simply recharging your line with N300, and dialing *312*3*9# to subscribe to the data plan that works only on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

What is the MTN cheat code 300 for 1GB?

The cheat code for MTN 300 for 1GB is *312*3*9*2#. Once dialed, proceed to subscribe to the plan that cost just ₦300, and you’ll get 1GB.


With a wide range of data deals, offers, and cheap bundles available on the MTN network, you definitely must not miss them all if you’re a heavy data user.

I believe that with this post about the MTN 300 for 1GB code, how to get 1GB for 300 Naira on MTN shouldn’t stress you anymore, because I have shown you the MTN 1GB for N300 code, how to activate it, and also everything you need to know about the plan.


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