MTN WhatsApp Cheat Code 2023 | FREE Video Calls & Chats

This post explains everything about the MTN Data Cheat Code for WhatsApp

One of the common questions I got asked several times by MTN users is how to use free WhatsApp on MTN.

Well, with the situation of the country, nobody will want to miss out on the opportunity to get and use any awoof that comes their way. And with the way smart people are able to find loopholes on the MTN network these days, seeking MTN WhatsApp cheat code shouldn’t be a surprise.

Searching for loopholes like this is always a result of insufficient data, or not enough money to buy a regular data plan. While some people may call this “Greediness”, I call it “Smartness.

Knowing there will be a very important message waiting for you on WhatsApp. Sometimes, you won’t have an option but to source for a cheat code that will make you use the chatting App for free especially when you’re broke (Like me… Lol).

If you found yourself in this situation, then I’m happy to let you know that you just landed on the right page where I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the MTN WhatsApp cheat.

Without further ado, let’s get started!


About MTN WhatsApp Cheat

Similar to Glo WhatsApp cheat, MTN WhatsApp cheat is a way of tricking both MTN and WhatsApp algorithms so as to chat, send and receive videos, audios, photos, and even view status for free without paying for the data you are using.

Actually, it would have been great if it is as easy and as doable as described. But unfortunately, there is nothing like MTN WhatsApp cheat, or MTN WhatsApp cheat code as people may have told you.

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Instead, MTN lets you enjoy seamless communication with your friends, family, and loved ones at a cheap cost via the MTN WhatsApp plan.

While talking about this MTN WhatsApp cheat, people usually see it as free Facebook. Although, if it’d exist, it should be quite similar, in the sense that the network will limit you to some features.

Anyways, don’t get scared away, for you can still enjoy chatting and connecting with loved ones on WhatsApp at almost no cost. 

How do you do that?

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MTN Free WhatsApp Cheat Code

For those of you seeking the free WhatsApp cheat code for MTN, this is it. Dial *ABCD# or Send I NEED FREE WHATSAPP to MTN, and Boom, you can start using WhatsApp for free on MTN.

Lol. I’m just kidding. That won’t work. This is because there is no code like that on the MTN network. Instead, there are cheap MTN WhatsApp plans that you can subscribe to and enjoy using WhatsApp at almost no cost.

With just 25 Naira, you can enjoy seamless communication for a day, and with just N150 Naira, you can keep getting in touch with friends, family members, co-workers, and all your loved ones on WhatsApp for a month. 

Seems almost free, right?

Check out how to buy Cheap MTN WhatsApp plans here!

Therefore, instead of wasting your time looking for what doesn’t exist (i.e MTN WhatsApp cheat code), you can pick and subscribe to any of the MTN Cheap WhatsApp plans by clicking the link above.

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How to Use Free WhatsApp on MTN

Similar to Airtel WhatsApp Cheat, unless you are using free Wi-Fi, you cannot use free WhatsApp on MTN. 

The only thing is that you can subscribe to one of the cheap MTN Whatsapp plans by clicking the link above, and start enjoying WhatsApp at almost free cost for up to a month.

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Without a doubt, the MTN network is one of the best when it comes to exclusive data bonus offers such as free YouTube data bonuses, free social media data bonuses, and tons of bonuses on recharge.

I believe this post has been able to clear your thoughts about the MTN WhatsApp cheat, or MTN free WhatsApp cheat code (whatever you may call it).

So, if you are not yet cleared or you still have questions concerning this topic, please drop them in the comment box below.


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