Airtel 2GB for 100 Naira Code & Eligibility 2023 [UPDATED]

Hey Friend! Did you just hear about the Airtel 2GB for 100 Naira, and wondering what the plan is and how to activate it? Then, you’re on the right page. Of course, there’d been a lot of new and extremely cheap data bundles that the Airtel network just rolled out. In fact, you can now … Read more

Airtel 2GB for 200 Code for 10 Days 2023 [UPDATED]

Airtel 2GB for 200 Code

Getting a huge data volume for an extremely cheap price is what delights every heavy data user, especially when you want to download lotta stuff. Well, Airtel has once again made browsing data even cheaper for its customers by launching the data package that gives you 2 Gigabyte data volumes for just 200 Naira. If … Read more

Airtel 500 for 2GB for 14 Days Code & Eligibility 2023

Airtel 500 for 2GB

With ton lotta data bundles to purchase on the Airtel tariff plan, the Airtel 500 for 2GB is definitely one to try right. If you’re a heavy data user like me, small data plans like the 20 Naira data plan on Airtel won’t go anywhere, unless you just want to slide it for WhatsApp only. … Read more