Airtel 100 Naira for 500MB Code [UPDATED] 2023

Did you just hear the rumour that Airtel now gives 500mb for just 100 Naira? No, it is not a rumour, it’s news. In fact, it is absolutely real. With the browsing data bundle market getting more and more competitive among the telecom networks in Nigeria, Airtel network has taken a step forward by introducing … Read more

Airtel 20 Naira Data Plan | N20 for 75MB Data Bundle 2023

This post contains information about the Airtel 20 Naira data plan. Do you know that the Airtel network is currently the only network in Nigeria offering a 20 Naira data plan? That’s mind-blowing, right? But it’s absolutely real. Now on Airtel, with just ₦20, you can get even more than the data volume you’ll get … Read more

Airtel 300 for 1GB Weekly Plan Code & Eligibility 2023

Getting cheap data plans and bundles that will be enough for you to download, stream, surf social media, and do all other data activities is what heavy data users love the most. And guess what? Airtel has got you covered by consistently rolling out cheap data packages just like the Airtel 300 for 1GB that … Read more

Airtel 1000 for 5GB Code [UPDATED] 2023

Airtel 1000 for 5GB Code

With a lot of cheap data plans now available on the Airtel network, the network has started stepping up its game in the telecom data bundle market. I believe what landed you on this post is the Airtel 1000 for 5GB code. Maybe you just come across it on the web or you just hear … Read more

Airtel Data Plan 200 for 1GB 7 Days | CHEAT CODE & Eligibility 2023

I believe you’re searching for some cheap data plan while you found out about the new Airtel special data offer. And I guess you’re here to know more about the Airtel data plan 200 for 1GB? Yes, Right?!  Just keep reading for this post contains all you need to know about this exclusive airtel special … Read more