MTN 300 for 2GB Code for 7 Days 2023 [UPDATED]

This post contains information about the MTN 300 for 2GB Data Plan. If you’ve heard about the MTN data deals or data promos such as TopDeal4ME, Data4ME, Recharge4ME, Combo4ME, SUPER DATA OFFER, and MTN QUICK WIN OFFER, you’ll know that MTN has leveled up by rolling out cheap data plans. But, have you heard about … Read more

MTN 500 for 2GB for 14 Days Code & Eligibility 2023

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MTN 40GB for 5000 Code & Eligibility 2023 [UPDATED]

If you want a huge volume of browsing data that could last for a month, then, you should check out the MTN 40GB for 5000 data plan. With the MTN 5000 for 40GB code, you’ll get a data bundle that could let you download movie series and games, browse the internet as you like, and … Read more

MTN 9GB for 2000 Code Monthly 2023 | Eligibility [UPDATED]

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MTN 300 for 1GB Code for 7 Days & Eligibility 2023 [UPDATED]

MTN 300 for 1GB

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MTN 100 for 500MB Code & Eligibility 2023 [UPDATED]

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MTN Cheat Code 100 for 1GB & Eligibility 2023 [UPDATED]

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MTN 3500 for 24GB, 20GB, 30GB Code & Eligibility 2023

This post contains information about how to activate the MTN 3500 for 24GB, 20GB and 30GB. Are you out of data? Do you want to download huge files like movies, games, or OBB files? Maybe you want to surf social media such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Whatever you need data for, getting huge data … Read more